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T-Mobile MVNO Ultra Mobile has revamped its phone plans in ways that are not all pleasing.

The prepaid provider has reduced international calling perks on several of its plans.  The $39 plan which includes unlimited talk, text and data with the first 2 GB at 4G LTE speeds, saw its international calling credit of 1000 minutes to over 15 countries get removed.  Unlimited international calling to over 60 countries and a $2.50 call anywhere credit still remain as plan features.

The $49 plan with unlimited talk, text and data with the first 1 GB at 4G LTE speeds got a price increase of $5 to $54.  Removed from the plan were 1000 bonus international calling minutes to over 15 countries and unlimited calling to over 60 countries.  Unlimited international calling is now limited to a bit over 30 countries.  The plan did at least get a 4G LTE data allotment increase to 2 GB total and the call anywhere credit got increased from $12.50 to $20 which should partially offset the loss in the number of unlimited international calling countries offered.

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The other change that Ultra Mobile made is the addition of a new plan priced at $24.  The new plan includes unlimited talk, text, global text and data with the first 100 MB at 4G LTE speeds.  Unlimited international calling to over 30 countries is also included as is a $7 call anywhere credit.

With the plan changes, Ultra Mobile's phone plan offerings are as follows:

No cell phone plans listed by the carrier or carrier has closed.

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