Tracfone Twenty Dollar Value Plan
Tracfone's $20 Smartphone Plan Provides Good Value For Those On A Budget


A recent trip over to Tracfone's website had me get hit with an advert for a relatively new plan that the company offers.  The plan is a smartphone only plan that includes 300 minutes of talk, 1,000 texts and 1 GB of 4G LTE data.  This is a really good value plan for all you limited use subscribers out there that are fans of the Verizon network.  The plan is also available to those who have AT&T or T-Mobile compatible phones.  Sorry Sprint fans, you're left out in the cold with this one as Tracfone does not appear to support BYOD Sprint devices anymore.

What makes this a particularly good value is that it is the cheapest plan to offer at least 1 GB of data on the Verizon or AT&T network with talk and text included.  A very similar plan that Red Pocket Mobile used to offer, was very popular on at one point.  That plan however only offered 1 GB of 3G data, while this plan from Tracfone includes 4G LTE data.

A lot has changed in the MVNO landscape since that Red Pocket plan was a big hit. That was nearly 2 years ago! Will this plan from Tracfone also become a hit with readers or has too much changed in the MVNO world since then?  A future post may have that answer.

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I'll update this list of Tracfone cell phone plans within the next day or two to include this offering as well as a few other relatively new plans from the company.

The $20 plan from Tracfone is only currently available as a refill option online, and cannot be purchased in conjunction with a SIM card, or at least I couldn't bring up the plan as an option when I tried to test it out with the BYOD device purchase option.  The Tracfone system instead tried to bundle my SIM card with one of several less value based plans.  The fine print does say the plan is only available during activation or through online Refill. It's also not available through channels such as Walmart, Amazon or Target.

It's nice that Tracfone made the signup process simple for new customers wanting to subscribe to the plan.  Isn't it?

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