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TracFone Discontinues Online Sale Of Data Only Add-On Cards

By Joe Paonessa – Apr 27, 2018
TracFone Discontinues Online Sale Of Data Only Add-On's
TracFone Discontinues Online Sale Of Data Only Add-On Cards

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A reader sent in a tip that TracFone discontinued its data only service add-on cards. After a little bit of investigating, this does seem to be at least partially true.  A customer support representative informed me that the add-on cards have been discontinued online, however they can still be purchased over the phone.  The representative did not state why the change was made.  I've reached out to others at TracFone for comment.

TracFone's Missing Data Add-On Cards

I'm not sure why TracFone removed their online data add on cards, but at least they can still be purchased online from other stores such as Walmart, and Target.

Between the two different stores, the following data add-on cards are available for purchase:

  • 300 MB - $10
  • 1 GB - $10
  • 750 MB - $15
  • 2 GB - $30
  • 4 GB - $50

It seems some stores must still carry old data-add on cards as $10 can get you either a 1GB or 300MB add-on card depending on if you shop at Target or Walmart. In either case, TracFone data add-on cards carryover forever, as long as your account remains active.

TracFone's data add-on cards can be applied to any of TracFone's numerous plans. You can see the BestMVNO breakdown of TracFone's top plans here.

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