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Pick Up A Total Wireless Phone And Plan At Walmart Get A $100 Gift Card

Total Wireless Walmart $100 eGift Card Offer
Total Wireless Walmart $100 eGift Card Offer (Photo Via @KingOfTechDeals)
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Total Wireless and Walmart have teamed up to provide another exclusive deal.  Customers who pick up two Total Wireless phones priced individually at $49 or higher and a $60 monthly service plan in the same transaction will receive a $100 Walmart eGift card.  This deal was first noted by Twitter's @KingOfTechDeals.

Offer Details

This offer is scheduled to be available until 02/29/2020 or while supplies last.  According to the offer's terms and conditions, it does appear to be available to both new and existing customers as there is nothing in the terms to suggest otherwise.  The only requirement is that all items must be purchased by 02/29/2020 together at the same time and be on the same receipt.  Customers can qualify for the gift card by purchasing the items either in-store or online.  There is a limit of one gift card that can be claimed per receipt, and a maximum of two gift cards can be claimed per unique consumer email address, phone number and household.

How To Claim The $100 Walmart Gift Card

Unfortunately, Walmart and Total Wireless aren't just going to give you the $100 gift card for making a qualifying purchase.  There are some steps you have to take to claim the gift card.

If you meet the requirements to qualify for the offer, Walmart and Total Wireless ask you to take a photo of your receipt and submit it to  Receipt submittal must happen by 3/14/2020 at 11:59:59 PM PST.

Before submitting the receipt, the customer must place checkmarks on their receipt next to the participating Walmart store location, the date and time of the transaction, the phones purchased, the service plan, and the total cost of the transaction.  No scanned receipts will be accepted for submission, only photos of the receipt are allowed.  During submission, a mobile phone number and email address will also be requested.

It may take up to 24 hours to validate that the customer has qualified for the offer. If a customer qualifies, they will receive an email link to the gift card reward claim page and a gift card secret code number to use on that page which will be sent by text message.  Gift cards must be claimed by the end of the day on 3/31/2020 PST.  Those who do not qualify will receive an email telling them they do not qualify, why their submission failed, and directions on how to resubmit the receipt if the customer believes they should qualify.

Those who make their qualifying purchase online will have to follow all the same steps above, except, they must include the full shipment confirmation email in their submittal showing the order’s number, date, shipment tracking information, participating device and service plan and receipt total.  The confirmation email must be saved and submitted as a PDF file.  Instructions on how to do that are provided at

Qualifying Phones And What's On Sale

Walmart offers dozens of different Total Wireless devices for purchase.  Not all devices are available at all locations.  Not all phones will be available online either.  A full list of currently available qualifying phones and devices can be found here

Right now there are a few deals available on some phones.  Some are currently listed as sold out online, but you may be able to pick them up at your local store.  Here are the current deals:

  1. Apple iPhone 6s for $129, list price $299 but I believe it normally sells for $169.99 to $199.99
  2. Apple iPhone 8 64GB, sale price $449, list price $799.99
  3. Moto G7 Optimo, $129.99, list price $179
  4. Apple iPhone 7 32GB, $249, list price $649.  At the time of this writing, out of stock online.
  5. Samsung Galaxy S7 $149.99, list price $499.  At the time of this writing, out of stock online.

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