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Total Wireless Expands Retail Presence Into More Locations

Total Wireless Expand Into Target
Total Wireless Expand Into Target
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Prepaid Phone News has reported that Total Wireless has expanded its retail presence into stores such as Target and the Dollar General.  Since its inception, the brand had exclusively been sold through Walmart.

I was able to confirm the presence of the brand at my local Target although not to quite the same fanfare that Dennis of Prepaid Phone News noted.  My local Target lacked a huge display of Total Wireless products, but instead only contained SIM cards.  It seems that the brand is likely slowly rolling out into Target stores across the country but not much can be found online through Target's website just yet.

Total Wireless Display At A Target In California
Total Wireless Display At A Target In California Via Prepaid Phone News

I did not venture into my local Dollar General store, but the company is advertising the MVNO in its most recent advertising flyer.

Total Wireless is a Verizon MVNO that in my opinion provides one of the best and cheapest options for service on the nations largest LTE network.  The company offers plans that are currently only rivaled by what fellow Verizon MVNO Boom Mobile offers.  I recently tested out service with wireless provider for a full month, and you can read my full review of Total Wireless here.

Plans with Total Wireless start at just $25/month for unlimited talk and text, but the real bargain is at the $35/month price point where subscribers can get unlimited talk, text and 5 GB of LTE data.  A word to note though, like all Verizon MVNO's, download speeds are limited to 5 Mbps while upload speeds are about 2 Mbps.  The limited speeds did not seem to impact real world performance of the network during my time with Total Wireless.

Total Wireless offers just 3 other phone plans, and they are for family lines only.  For $60/month subscribers can get 8 GB of shared data for 2 lines, $85/month gets 12 GB of data for 3 lines, while $100/month gets 15 GB of data shared between 4 lines. All plans include unlimited talk and text.

Additional data can be added to any plan at any time at a price of just $10 for 3 GB. The data includes carryover, and never expires as long as your Total Wireless account remains active.

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