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Total Wireless Double Data Offers Supported By New TV Ads

By Joe Paonessa – Sep 27, 2021
Total Wireless Double Data Offers Now Being Supported By Commercials
Total Wireless Double Data Offers Now Being Supported By Commercials

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BestMVNO recently reported that Total Wireless is running a couple of double data promos. One offer doubles the amount of high-speed data included with the $35 plan (10GB of data instead of 5GB), and the other doubles data for the $50 plan (50GB instead of 25GB). The offer is available for both new and existing customers with a scheduled end date of 12/31/2021.

Several days ago, Total Wireless subscribers on Reddit began posting that they were receiving text messages from the provider notifying them that promotional bonus data was being applied to their accounts.

The MVNO is now supporting the double data promo with a couple of new TV commercials. There's one commercial out to highlight the double data offer on the $35 plan and another commercial to highlight the offer on the $50 plan. @Kingoftechdeals recently saw the $50 commercial.

The $35 commercial is available for viewing through The ad, which you can also watch down below is entitled "A Great Network." The ad starts off by informing viewers that high prices form other carriers don't get you a great network, "a great network gets you a great network." It then goes on to say "that's what you get with Total Wireless, because it runs on the largest most dependable network. Now with 5G." Total Wireless is a Tracfone owned brand that runs on the Verizon network. Most Tracfone brands formally announced 5G network support just a few months ago.

The ad then continues by telling viewers that "for a limited time, we are doubling your high-speed data on our $35 unlimited plan." The ad finishes with the Total Wireless tagline "Do Amazing." It mentions that Total Wireless is available in stores and online from Best Buy, Sam's Club, Dollar General, Target, Amazon, and Kroger. The brand is also carried at Walmart, but the ad does not make mention of that.

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The $50 ad which is not yet available online is said to be identical to the $35 ad but with a mention of the $50 double data promo at the end. Here's that $35 TV ad:

According to iSpot.TV, Total Wireless has aired over 2,000 TV ads over the last 30 days and ranks number 395 in ad spending compared to all other advertisers tracked by the company.

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