TextNow Launches Touch Mobile Brand With Prepaid Wireless Plans


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     TextNow an MVNO operating on the Sprint Network with plans starting at $18.99, has launched a new prepaid wireless brand under the name "Touch Mobile."  This new service looks to borrow somewhat from Republic Wireless as they will be offering wi-fi first plans that will be used for unlimited texting and calling.  When you're not in an area that has wi-fi the phone will use Sprint's Data network to place calls and text.  Touch Mobile will not offer plans that contain traditional minutes and texting, as it will essentially be operating as a data only network.  All calls will be placed via VoIP using the phones native dialer.  The cheapest cell phone plan they offer will start at $20 and will include 200 mb of data. The company claims this will support 660 minutes of talk or 200,000 texts.  For more on this head on over to the Touch Mobile website.

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