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Tello Celebrating 1 Year Anniversary With An iPhone 7 Giveaway And A Special Offer On Its Phone Plans

Tello One Year Anniversary Promotions
Tello Launches One Year Anniversary Promotions


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Tello is a Sprint MVNO that officially launched in May of 2016.  To celebrate its one year anniversary, the company is running a few promotions over the next several days.  Tello has sent out the following press release to announce their promos:

Tello Celebrates Its 1-year Anniversary With Special Offers And An iPhone 7 Giveaway

To celebrate its 1-year anniversary, U.S. carrier Tello announces special promotions designed to attract new subscribers, but also to reward existing ones.

Newcomers are offered a 90% discount for any phone plan above $10. All customers have to do is place the order between May 4th-10th and use coupon code BDAY at checkout! This means a savings of up to $56, if customers build an unlimited calls and text plan with 5GB 4G LTE data. Quite an interesting reason to switch carriers, besides the advantages that already differentiate Tello from its competitors: building their own plan by adding the amount of minutes, text & data customers actually use, and no contracts.

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In just one year, Tello managed to become one of the customers’ favorites, with a score of 8.7 on Trustpilot and many excellent reviews. That is why Tello thanks existing customers in two different ways:

The most loyal customers who joined Tello in May last year, and are still active today, get a special, custom made 100% free surprise as a token of appreciation.
The customers who joined Tello throughout this year get a 25% off super deal for any plan over $15. They need to use code 1BDAY between May 5th and May 8th.

And the anniversary surprises are not over: an iPhone 7 is looking for its user, on Tello Facebook page. Starting May 2 until May 4, Tello hosts a contest on its Facebook page, inviting fans to share what they love the most about Tello. The winner will be selected randomly and receives a free iPhone 7.

Tello is proud to offer a clean, up-front service with no fees whatsoever. Its monthly plans are fully customizable, as the customers can choose any amount of minutes, texts, and data, including Pay As You Go credit, that can even be used to make international calls. Phone plans are automatically renewed every 30 days.

The national minutes included in plans are also valid for calls to Canada and Mexico. Cell phone plans can be upgraded, downgraded, or renewed at any time, for no charge at all. Customers are free to stay as long as they like with Tello, as the service doesn’t involve any contracts. Another perk of the service is free tethering: Tello customers can share data free of charge with other devices.

Tello’s pledge to give people pure freedom when building their own phone plan with no fees whatsoever has become a fact. It also added an awesome 24/7 (human) Customer Service, and great offers, so customers get all the reasons to join the celebration!

About Tello

Tello is a telecom provider operating on the US market. It is also present in the UK, serving customers through its website. Both and are brands of KeepCalling, a global telecommunications company registered in 2002 in USA. Presently, KeepCalling provides its services to hundreds of thousands of consumers and businesses, with a focus on customer satisfaction. KeepCalling was listed by Inc 5000 as one of the fastest growing companies in the USA for 5 consecutive years.

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Robert Stewart
Robert Stewart
3 years ago

Tello was better when it offered $5 minimum PAYG option and its minimum plan was $6/30 day plan. Now it’s $10 minimum PAYG and $8 minimum 30-day plan. Good news is the second birthday bonus is 25% off if you use the code, but it’s only good until May 8. First bonus was 90% off (both are for 30-day plans only worth at least $15) and for new customers only although they define new customers to include PAYG customers who haven’t been on a paid 30-day plan. We have three phones on the PAYG system and have been happy with Tello in general. It’s comparable to CellNUVO without having to jump through the ever-changing hoops at CellNUVO (currently 750 minimum credits needed for some lines, but only 500 for other lines). Both companies are awesome in terms of offering low-cost service for those with minimal cell needs. We also have three lines on CellNUVO although one is hotlisted because it can’t use the app.Debating on switching him to Tello if the new phone doesn’t come in soon although it’s now $10 minimum with either provider and at least CellNUVO have 9,000 credits for their $10. Looking to upgrade all of the CellNUVO lines to $19 30-day plan once I can afford it and upping the Tello lines to $20 balances to help out the ones who can’t afford the service on their own.

Looking forward to the next two bonus offerings from Tello. Hopefully one of them will be a gift to the PAYG crowd. We enjoy the PAYG option because you can buy as much as you want and you don’t lose it as long as you spend at least 1 minute/text/MB every 6 months. Not a problem as everybody in the group does two texts a week on top of making calls.