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Beginning Next Week Tello Mobile Will Start Activating New Customers On T-Mobile’s Network

Tello Provides Further Details About Planned Migration To T-Mobile's Network
Tello Provides Further Details About Planned Migration To T-Mobile's Network
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Tello Mobile has provided further details about its planned transition over to the T-Mobile network. The transition is now planned for the week of November 22nd. Upon completion of that transition, all new customers will be activated on the T-Mobile network. Activations on Sprint will no longer be an option. Tello's current rate plans will remain in place.

Changes Current Customers Can Anticipate

Current Tello customers can expect to be migrated over to the new network in early 2021. Not everyone will be migrated over to the network at once. It will be done in batches to help ensure a smooth transition for everyone. Subscribers will be issued free GSM SIMs to use with the new network. Tello plans to offer a wider selection of phones post-transition, so current customers that have a phone that is incompatible with T-Mobile's network will be able to buy a compatible one from Tello's online phone store.

Coverage on Sprint is still expected to be available at least until June of 2021. Tello Mobile subscribers will be able to check out and compare coverage maps of what service on the new network will look like for them compared to the old.

Tello believes that current customers will have better coverage and faster speeds than they have had in the past.

Available Phone Plans

Tello's phone plans will remain in place post-transition as they are today. That means customers will still be able to custom-build their own phone or data only plans. Some popular Tello Mobile monthly plans include the following options:

  • $10/month - 1GB high-speed data
  • $14/month - 2GB high-speed data
  • $19/month - 4GB high-speed data
  • $24/month - 6GB high-speed data
  • $29/month - 8GB high-speed data
  • $39/month - 25GB high-speed data

All plans include unlimited talk, text, and data with the specified amount of data available at high-speeds before throttling to 2G data speeds after the high-speed allotment gets consumed. Mobile hotspot is included with each and every plan as is unlimited calling to Canada, Mexico, China, and Romania.

All plans will include 4G LTE and 5G network access once Tello transitions over to T-Mobile's network.

Tello was the first major Sprint MVNO to announce its plans for transitioning over to T-Mobile's network. The preliminary details were announced last month. More Sprint MVNOs should begin to announce their transition plans over the next few months.

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