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Deal Extended! T-Mobile Launches BOGO Deals On The Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ And LG G6, V20

T-Mobile BOGO Deals June 2017 Galaxy S8


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T-Mobile BOGO Deals June 2017 Galaxy S8 And More
T-Mobile Offering BOGO Deals On Select Samsung , iPhone, And LG Phones

(Updated 06/23/2017:  Offers now available through 7/17/2017).  T-Mobile has launched a few new deals on select devices just in time for Father's day.  The deals are for buy one get one free with the purchase of either a Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+, or an LG G6 or LG V20.

In order to qualify for the BOGO offer, current T-Mobile customers must add a new line of service and at least one line must be on T-Mobile ONE, which is T-Mobile's unlimited LTE data plan.  New subscribers however must activate both lines of service on T-Mobile ONE.  All customers must also choose a 24 month equipment installment plan (phone financing plan) during signup as well, although customers can choose to pay off their device at any time once signed up.

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T-Mobile has priced the Samsung Galaxy S8 at $750 and with the equipment installment plan (EIP) it breaks down to $30/month for 24 months with a $30 down payment.  Similarly, the Galaxy S8+ is priced at $790 and with the EIP it will cost you a $70 down payment and $30/month for 24 months.

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Those who want the LG G6 will find it priced on sale at $500 and with the EIP it will break down to a $20/month for 24 months with a $20 down payment.  The LG V20 is $480 and with the EIP it will cost you $20 per month for 24 months with no down payment required.

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(Updated- Due to expire on 6/30/2017) T-Mobile is also offering the iPhone SE for free when you purchase one in conjunction with any other iPhone that T-Mobile is selling which includes the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, as well as the 6s and SE.  The iPhone SE is selling for $399, and like all of T-Mobile's other BOGO offers, you'll get refunded the cost of the phone by way of a prepaid MasterCard.

You can take T-Mobile up on any of these offers by visiting your local store, shopping online at T-Mobile, or by giving them a call at +1(855)-408-7784.

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