Tracfone Brands Total Wireless And Straight Talk Offering 50% More Data With Some Stipulations

Total Wireless And Straight Talk Wireless Offering 50% More Data To Select Customers
Total Wireless And Straight Talk Wireless Offering 50% More Data To Select Customers


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Tracfone owned brands Total Wireless and Straight Talk are both offering 50% more data to select customers.  Total Wireless customers need to port-in to get the deal.  New Straight Talk Wireless customers get the deal by purchasing a phone.

Total Wireless 50% More Data Offer And Plans Explained

The Total Wireless offer is pretty straight forward.  Just port your number in from a provider that is not associated with Tracfone and you'll get the bonus data.  Total Wireless says that the bonus data does not expire with active service.  According to a representative I chatted online with, this means that you will get bonus data every month you renew your plan for as long as you stay a customer.  The representative also told me that if you later want to switch plans you'll still get bonus data for the new plan.

Here is what the Total Wireless plans look like with the bonus data options highlighted and auto-pay (AP) discounts applied.

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  • $33.20/month ($35 w/o AP) - 7.5GB, normally 5GB
  • $47.50/month ($50 w/o AP)- 22GB , normally 15GB
  • $57.00/month ($60 w/o AP)- 22GB of shared data for up to 2 lines, normally 15GB
  • $80.70/month ($85 w/o AP) - 30GB of shared data for up to 3 lines, normally 20GB
  • $95/month ($100 w/o AP)- 37.5GB of shared data for up to 4 lines, normally 25GB
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All plans include unlimited talk and text, however, data is hard capped.  If you ever run out of data in a month, there is a data add-on card available priced at $10 for 5GB.  Add-on card data does not expire when added to your account.  Hotspot is technically not allowed, although some customers have been able to use it.

This offer ends on 1/2/2019.  (Update:  Offer has been extended until 3/31/2019.  Update 2, 4/2/2019 - offer is still valid with no end date specified.  Updated 3, an end date of 7/2/2019 has been specified).  Total Wireless is an MVNO that operates on the Verizon network.

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Straight Talk Wireless 50% More Data Offer And Plans Explained

This is another offer with limited strings attached.  Simply purchase a phone from Straight Talk and your plan will get 50% bonus data.  I believe the bonus data is for life.  A Straight Talk representative I spoke to online said it will only last until 1/26/19 and then data will reset on the next billing cycle.  I think the support specialist got it wrong and that is only how long the offer will be available to.  The specialist seemed rather pushy and more concerned with trying to sell me a plan and phone rather than to answer my questions.

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This offer is not available to current Straight Talk Wireless subscribers.

Straight Talk Wireless offers a variety of different phones at different price points available for purchase.  For instance the budget ZTE ZFive 2 is available for just $14.99.  There are some refurbished phones that are being given away for free that are also eligible for the bonus data.  Straight Talk Wireless also has higher end devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S9 for $699.99 and the iPhone XS for $999.00.  There are many other Samsung and Apple iPhone's priced in between.

A representative from Straight Talk confirmed to me that only two of its plans are available with bonus data when you buy a phone.  The two plans are priced as follows:

  • $35/month - 3GB data, normally includes 2GB
  • $45/month  - 15GB data, normally includes 10GB

Both plans include unlimited talk, text and data with the specified amount of data at 4G LTE data speeds before throttling to 2G speeds.  Taxes and fees are not included in the prices shown and do cost extra.  Mobile hotspot is not officially supported.

Straight Talk Wireless operates on all 4 major wireless carriers in the USA including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon.

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1 year ago

Straight Talk Review

Straight talk is the best deal and take my word for it I’ve shopped around personally visiting each store asking about every plan they offer – Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile the three biggest companies in the world, after they ask what company I currently have promising that they will beat it. Their head lowers when I tell them straight talk because they know they can’t come close to the price. There are other TracFone type companies like Textnow, Boost mobile and Cricket Wireless. That claim unlimited 4G data trying to compete with Straight Talk, with TextNow which you can get on the Play Store offers a free phone number you can choose and get unlimited incoming and outgoing calls through it no strings attached using using either Wi-Fi or your data for a connection also offers a data plan that says once again says unlimited high-speed data but doesn’t mention that after 28 GB of 4G it drops to 2G. Even though Straight Talk contradicts their own advertisement of Unlimited, They really are still the best deal out if you’re looking to use a lot of data.

1 year ago
Reply to  M24karat

Not sure why it says straight talk review at the top?

Eugene Novikov
Eugene Novikov
1 year ago

Do you know if the straight talk promo applies to BYOD plans when purchasing just a simcard instead of a phone