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Straight Talk Offering Several Deals Including 5GB of Data to BYOD Customers and Plan Discounts For Paying More Than One Month in Advance

By Joe Paonessa – May 5, 2015
Straight Talk 5G LTE Data Promo

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Straight Talk 5G LTE Data Promo

Straight Talk Wireless is currently running several promotions that make their prepaid service more attractive and competitive in the market place.  The first one is that if you have your own device to bring to the MVNO they'll up their normal monthly LTE data allotment on their $45 plan to 5 GB of LTE which is 2 GB more than what they normally offer.  The second promotion they are advertising, which may not be entirely new, is that if you are willing to commit more long term to their wireless service they'll offer varying degrees of discounts based on how long you are willing to commit to.  They are offering three tiers of discounts dubbed "Extended Savings Plans" and they are as follows:

  1. Signup for 3 months and save $5 ($130 total cost) average cost is $43.33/month
  2. Signup for 6 months and save $15 ($255) average cost is $42.5/month
  3. Signup for 1 year and get one month free ($495) average cost is $41.25

At the $45 and under price point, there are only a handful of companies that offer the same amount of 4G LTE data or more, and they include Boost Mobile, Republic Wireless, Cricket Wireless, and T-Mobile prepaid to name a few.

Straight Talk wireless is a Tracfone owned company that essentially operates on all 4 major networks.  If these promotions sound enticing to you, check them out by hitting the button below.

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