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RingPlus Surfing 1.0 Free Plan Research Project Features Up To 10 GB Of Free Monthly Data

RingPlus Surfing 1.0 Free Research Plan
RingPlus Surfing 1.0 Free Research Plan
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RingPlus has launched a new free sponsored research plan that is being used as part of a data experiment.

Those who signup for the plan agree to participate in a beta test which will be used to research field of data compression, speed variation, and data stream sponsorships among other things.  The goal is to research and produce a new generation of data delivery which will reduce RingPlus's data costs while delivering a good consumer data experience with more free data.

The beta test plan is open to new line activations and it is called the Surfing 1.0 Free Plan

Surfing 1.0 Free Plan

The Surfing 1.0 Free Plan is currently open and will last until Thursday, May 26, 2016 at 10 PM PST.  The plan will reopen for Member+ subscribers starting on Thursday, May 26, at 10 PM PST and will last until Saturday, May 28, 2016 at 10 PM PST.

The plan features 5,000 minutes, 5,000 texts, 200 MMS and 5,000 MB of 4G LTE data.  An additional 500 MB more data is being offered for each month you stay in the research with a maximum amount of 10 GB being offered for now.

A $30 account top up will be required at signup and again at any time if your account balance reaches $0,  to cover any overages you may incur.  Overages are priced at 5¢ per minute, text or MMS picture message.  Data overages are priced at $10 per GB.

There is also a social media requirement to signup for this plan.  RingPlus asks that you link your Twitter account to your RingPlus account so that RingPlus can send an auto-Tweet notifying your followers that you got this plan.

As part of the research with sponsored data, RingPlus will insert advertisements into your internet searches and when you launch your browser from time to time.  RingPlus has a long term goal of being able to offer everyone unlimited data usage through this sponsored data.

How To Opt Out

If at any time you want to opt out of the research plan, RingPlus will allow you to drop down to the "Relaxed Free Plan 1."

Relaxed Free Plan 1

The Relaxed Free Plan 1 features 3,700 minutes, 3,700 texts, and 3,700 MB of 4G LTE data each month as well as 200 MMS picture messages.  Tethering is available for $20 per year, and the same overages and top up apply as with the Surfing 1.0 Free Plan.

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