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RingPlus Opens Online Store for New and Pre-Owned Cell Phones for its Free Cell Phone Plan

By Joe Paonessa – Jun 18, 2015
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iPhone 6 on RingPlus
iPhone 6 Available for Purchase Via RingPlus

RingPlus has been offering its free cell phone plan for less than a week and the company claims its been a great success.  Starting today, the company has elected to open an online store so that those that don't already have a Sprint Eligible Device can purchase one.

The new RingPlus Store is available via RingPlus’ main website and directly at  Phone selection is currently rather scarce and mostly older and low cost models with the exception of the pictured iPhone 6.  The currently limited selection should suffice for those looking to hop onto the free plan.

RingPlus founder Karl Seelig had the following to say about the new online store and free plan:

“As everyone knows, it’s not free when you make someone spend money to get it and there is no way around it.  RingPlus has a truly free service plan. We finance our service through content sponsors, not through hidden fees. We don’t charge activation fees or line fees like similar service providers who trick consumers into paying such fees during sign up.  RingPlus' 200 Minute, 50 Text, and 10 SMS Free Plan is truly free, and RingPlus has priced its other plans at the lowest cost possible. We created our online store in the same spirit. We work with capable partners, resell the phones at wholesale prices, and we let them do the shipping and handling to save our Members money."

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