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RingPlus Offering Special Loyalty Discounts to Current Subscribers at Select Times

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It's another day and another RingPlus promotion has come out. This time the promotion is aimed at current customers (those who've been subscribers since prior to August 19th, 2015).

Loyal RingPlus customers will be able to upgrade their plan for a period of 3h today, August 19th, 2015 from 6-9 PM PDT and on Sunday August 23, from 4-6 PM PDT and they'll receive more data in their upgraded plan than what that plan normally comes with. Please note that you won't be able to downgrade your plan to one of these special offerings, you can only upgrade to one of the following plans :

RingPlus Upgrade Promotional Pricing for Current Customers

 Paid Plans Monthly Price Cellular Minutes SMS Full Speed 4G LTE Data WiFi CallingMMS International SMSOverages
Truly Free$0.001254010 MBAvailable
Free$0.0020050110 MBAvailable
Pepper *$0 (+$5 AUTO TOP UP)250500260 MB Available
Joy$1.99 + Tax200200300 MBAvailable
Mint$4.99 + Tax300500450 MBAvailable
Delight$9.99 + Tax700300550 MBAvailable
Harmony$19.99 + TaxUnlimitedUnlimited2 GBUnlimited
Revel$29.99 + TaxUnlimitedUnlimited3 GBUnlimited
Hyper$39.99 + TaxUnlimitedUnlimited4 GBUnlimited
Bliss$49.99 + TaxUnlimitedUnlimited6 GBUnlimited

Overall I think RingPlus has put together some pretty good plans to try and entice current customers to move up to higher priced plans which are likely more profitable for the Sprint MVNO while also being  good for the customer as well. Perhaps the most interesting plan is the $19.99 plan that includes unlimited talk, text and 2 GB of data.  No other carrier currently offers that much 4G LTE data with unlimited talk and text at that price point.

Also as part of the promotion, legacy subscribers (those that have signed up prior to September 1, 2014) can opt to beta test RingPlus's new mobile hotspot feature.  The mobile hotspot option should be available in your dashboard during the previously mentioned promotional hours.

RingPlus has a few other promotions for those legacy subscribers as follows:

"All Legacy Members can top up their account and receive 30% added to their top up balance for the whole day today, Wednesday. 

Every Legacy Member who has ever even once, prior to the time of this post, participated in a RingPlus Survey, or has interacted with an advertisement will receive an add on of 10 MB per month.  Those Legacy Members who participated more than 5 times will receive an additional 25 MB per month.  And those who participated more than 10 times will receive an additional 40MB per month.   For this, no action is required.  It will be added automatically.  (Advertisements are counted and music content interactions are counted by having pressed 5 to receive an SMS.  Survey interactions are counted by having completed the survey – merely pressing random numbers or skip doesn’t count)."

RingPlus says other promotions will soon follow and to please allow 24h-48h for the new data allotments to show up in your account after you make changes.

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