Ringplus Offering 1000 min/sms and 1 GB LTE Data Free Today For Nexus and iPhone Users

RingPlus Free Future Plan
RingPlus The Future Plan


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RingPlus Free Future Plan
RingPlus The Future Plan

It's another day and another RingPlus promo is upon us.  Starting today at 3pm EST, any iPhone or Nexus device from any carrier can sign-up for 1000/1000/1000 of Voice, Text, MB of 4G LTE data per month respectively for free.

This promotion is open to new and existing RingPlus members with eligible Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint iPhones and Nexus phones.  The promotion will be available while supplies last.

With the exception of Sprint devices, you must ask your carrier to unlock your phone if it isn't already.

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During the signup process, you will need to (1) register and (2) click the “Buy Now” button to pay a $25 activation fee which has to be paid in advance to hold your place for this plan, and to pay for the shipment of the UCCID (sim card)  you will need to activate your phone on RingPlus. You will be able to move to RingPlus in approximately 3 weeks after signup (possibly earlier). An auto top-up of $10 will be applied at time of activation for future usage overages and for mms charges.  Any time your account reaches a balance of $0, the $10 auto top up will be reapplied.

RingPlus asks subscribers to the plan to post a link to this promo on any of your social networks (Facebock or Twitter ) and include #ringplus. If you don’t have a social network you can go to the RingPlus Forum discourse.ringplus.net and post a comment there.

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Not bad at all for a free plan. How is Sprint’s coverage nationwide vs Magenta?

Building penetration better than T-Mobile’s?


That’s an interesting question and the answers are not quite clear. Traditionally, having looked at their coverage maps over the past few years, they have often looked to me like they’ve had coverage in essentially the same places with a few small differences. I’ve never used a Sprint based service myself, but I have put several relatives, family members etc on RingPlus and have looked at their phones and helped them get setup. They’ve all been happy with their service, although none are big data users like myself. In my area, it did seem at times that their data signals… Read more »


Good to know. Do they own the 800mhz frequency as of right now?

I know they’ve said they are passing on bidding for the upcoming 600mhz blocks. According to some sites, Sprint will be shedding a 1/3 of their workforce to save on money.

I remember Sprint back in the mid 90’s. I had a Nokia 5120, that phone never let me down. Sometimes I miss simplicity but guess we all forced to give up our dinosaur phones…ha


Yes, they do own that frequency which is probably why they’re not bidding on the 600 mhz spectrum.