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RingPlus Flash Sale Features 3000 Voice, 3000 Text and 3GB Data Free!

By Joe Paonessa – Mar 20, 2016
RingPlus Momentum Free Plan

Ringplus appears to be offering what is their best free plan to date.  Registration times will be split based on if you are a new subscriber or are a Member+ subscriber.  From 10 AM PST until 1 PM PST today, March 20th, Ringplus is offering a flash sale for new subscribers and for current subscribers who are Member+ members that wish to upgrade.  Additionally, Member+ subscribers will be given an additional signup period.

Momentum Free Plan

The Momentum Free Plan features 3,000 minutes, 3,000 texts, and 3 GB of 4G LTE data for $0/month with a $25 auto top up required.  The auto top up is required to cover the costs of any overages you may have which are priced at 2¢ per text, minute or MB of data.  MMS messages are not included with this plan, but your top up will cover the cost of the MMS messages which are priced 4¢ each to send or receive.  The $25 automatic top up will only ever be charged to your account if your account balance ever reaches $0.

Tethering is also available for this plan as a $5.99/month add on. Porting in is free.

To signup for this plan Ringplus also requires you to post a review of your favorite restaurant at the following link:

This requirement is necessary to help keep the cost of the plan low, as it is advertiser sponsored.

Member+ Exclusive Upgrade Period:

Member+ subscribers may upgrade their plan during the flash promo, or at a later time which will be announced at 4 PM PST.  An extra data add on will also be available for Member+ subscribers priced at $8.99/month per GB.  UPDATED:  Member+ subscribers can register for this plan through Tuesday, March 22nd at 4PM PST.

Want this plan?  Head over to the RingPlus website.

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