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Ringplus is offering two flash sales today, including a member exclusive plan.  Both flash sales start at 7 PM PST, today, March 4th and will last until sold out.  Only 1000 of each plan is available.

Horizon Free Plan

The Horizon Free plan features 2,000 minutes and SMS, with 1.25 GB of 4G LTE data with overages at 1.75¢ and a $15 auto top up required. The plan is available exclusively to Ringplus .  Member+ subscribers can switch from any other plan to this plan.

Eclipse Free Plan

This plan is for non Member+ subscribers and it features 1000 Voice, SMS and 650 MB of 4G LTE data with overages priced at 2¢ each and a $20 auto top up required.  A social media requirement is necessary to subscribe to this plan which usually involves linking a social media account such as Twitter to your Ringplus dashboard to promote the free plan.

If interested in either plan you can find them at the Ringplus website, https://ringplus.net/ or in your account dashboard during the promotional times.

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