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RingPlus Flash Promo “Hip Hop” Features 3250 Talk, Text and 3250 MB 4G Data $0/Month

RingPlus Hip Hop Promotions
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RingPlus is offering a flash sale for new subscribers today, March 22nd from 7:30 PM PST until 9:30 PM PST.  If you are a Member+ subscriber, the promotion will last until Thursday, March 24th at 11 PM PST.  The Sprint MVNO is also offering another promotion for new subscribers as well.

Hip Hop 1 Free Plan

3250 talk, 3250 text, 3250 4G LTE data each month for free with a $25 auto top up required.  The auto top up is only applied at plan signup and when your account top up balance reaches $0.  The account top up is used to pay over overages which cost 2¢ per SMS, MB of data, and minute of talk.  The top up will also be used to cover the costs of MMS messages which are billed at 4¢ each to send or receive.

Tethering is available with this plan for $9.99/month and 1 GB of extra data can be purchased at any time for $9.99/month.

This is the flash promo that will last until 930 PM PST tonight for non Member+ subscribers or until Thursday, March 24 at 11 PM PST for Member+ members.

Hip Hop 2 Free Plan

The Hip Hop 2 Free plan will be available to Non-Member+ subscribers from 7:30 PM Tuesday, March 22nd and will last until Thursday, March 24th at 11 PM PST.  This plan features 2000 minutes, 2000 texts, and 2 GB of 4G LTE data each month free of charge with the same $25 auto top up required as described above.

Both plans have a social media requirement.  A review of your favorite restaurant must be made at the following url  Additionally, you must share your post on Facebook or Twitter.

Port ins to either plan will be free of charge during the promotion.  Also during promotional hours, signups may be temporarily halted due to maximum signup capacity being reached during that time.

If either of these promotions sound interesting to you, head on over to the RingPlus website. 

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