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RingPlus, a prepaid wireless provider that is quickly becoming famous for running promotion after promotion has opted to turn a previous promotion into something permanent.  Today, the Sprint MVNO has made available new plans that are sure to grab your attention.  At least one Ringplus's new plans can be considered class leading as it offers more data than any other provider at that plans price point.  That plan, dubbed "Cherry," features unlimited talk and text with 2 GB of 4G LTE data for $19.99/month plus taxes.  MMS and international texting are not included with the plan but cost 4¢ per MMS and 3¢ per international SMS.  Data overages are 2¢ per MB.  The plans themselves are not that much different than what were previously offered with the exception that nearly all include 1 GB more of data than before, and they all have have new names.  A summary of the new plans with their new names are in the table below.

RingPlus Plan Summary as of 9/29/2015

A summary of RingPlus's new prepaid plans with pricing

Prepaid Plan Price Minutes SMS Data WiFi Calling MMS International SMS Overages
Sweet $9.99 + Tax 700 300 1 GB Yes
Cherry $19.99 + Tax Unlimited Unlimited 2 GB Unlimited
Dolcé $29.99 + Tax Unlimited Unlimited 3 GB Unlimited
Ruby $39.99 + Tax Unlimited Unlimited 4 GB Unlimited
Créme $49.99 + Tax Unlimited Unlimited 6 GB Unlimited


So what do you think of the new plans?  Anyone going to jump ship?

RingPlus supports BYOSD (Bring Your Own Sprint Device) so as long as you have a device that is no longer under contract you should be able to signup and port over now.  You can use RingPlus's IMEI checker to make sure your device is eligible for porting over.

You can compare all the latest RingPlus cell phone plans here.

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