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RingPlus Announces End of The Future Plan Promotions, Releases Corresponding Generalized User Data that was Obtained from them

RingPlus Future Plan Trial Project
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For the past several weeks RingPlus had been very busy announcing numerous limited time promotional plans.  The plans were entitled something along the lines of "The Future Plan," followed by a phase number.  The last of these plans, entitled "The Future Plan Trials Phase 11" concluded yesterday.

RingPlus CEO and founder Karl Seelig has always been working towards a goal of being able to provide free cell phone service for the masses.  According to Seelig, studies like like those involved with the Future Plan Research project help the RingPlus community to be able to finance all their free plans and to supplement other sponsored content integral to achieving the company goal of free cell phone service for everyone.

Many of RingPlus's free plans that fell under "The Future Plan" umbrella required subscribers to do things such as link up their Facebook account to their RingPlus dashboard or to post about the plan on one of their social media accounts.  The reason behind this is that RingPlus was working to provide data to marketers to help them to better plan their social marketing campaigns.  Now that the studies are officially over, Karl Seelig has announced some general findings as a result of the studies:

  1. RingPlus Members on average hold higher positions than their postpaid counterparts.
  2. RingPlus Members are more passionate, in a wider variety of subjects than the average person.
  3. RingPlus Members are more reliable (honor system) than others.
  4. RingPlus Members are more team-oriented than others.
  5. RingPlus Members are more ready to help others in need than the average population.

Seelig then went on to comment that:

All in all RingPlus Members (and Employees) are now tens of thousands of honest, successful, goal-driven, passionate, socially-conscious and loyal people, who are ready to speak their mind. And never, ever lose their individuality.

While the Future Research Plan studies are now over I don't expect this to be the end of promotional plans from RingPlus.  Throughout the past year the company offered numerous other free plans unrelated to the Future Research Plan Project so it's reasonable to believe more promotions will be on the way sooner or later.  I also expect at least one of the plans offered as part of the study will become a permanent plan at some point.

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