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Republic Wireless Introduces New “My Choice Plan” With Data Priced At $5/GB

By Joe Paonessa – Dec 11, 2017
Republic Wireless Announces My Choice Plan
Republic Wireless Announces My Choice Plan

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In May of 2016 Republic Wireless announced new phone plans that it called Clear Choice plans. Now the Sprint and T-Mobile MVNO has announced that starting tomorrow, December 12th, those plans will be replaced by the "My Choice Plan."  Existing customers on a Clear Choice plan will automatically be migrated to the new "My Choice Plan."  Those on a legacy refund plan will get to keep their plan.

My Choice Plan Explained

The My Choice Plan is rather simple and for most customers it should result in a cheaper phone bill or at least one that remains at the same price.  Like the previous plans, My Choice Plans will start at $15/month for unlimited talk and text.  What has changed is that data is now priced at $5/GB.  So if you want a plan with 1 GB of data you'll pay $20 just like before.  If you need more data than that, you'll have a much cheaper plan than you did before.

Under its old plan structure, Republic Wireless charged $30/month for a plan with 2 GB of data and $45/month for a plan with 4 GB of data.  From a competitive standpoint, we can see that they were a bit behind the competition.

Tomorrow, under the new My Choice Plan structure, a 2 GB data plan will cost you just $25/month while a plan with 4 GB of data will be $35/month.  Pricing is now much more in line with the competition, and at some price points may even be a little bit better.

In addition to offering a new pricing structure, Republic Wireless will now allow you to add extra data to your plan at any time at the same rate of $5/GB. Republic Wireless has not said if the 1 time extra data purchase will come with data rollover.

Republic Wireless says that over 90% of their existing Clear Choice plan customers consume less than 2 GB of data a month and have a bill costing just over $20/month. The MVNO explained that the new plans have been designed to help make it easier for customers to add more data if they need it, and to make pricing easier to remember.

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