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Reach Mobile’s Labor Day Sale Offers 50% Off For 3-Months

Reach Mobile Limited Time Offer 50% Off For Three Months Labor Day 2020 Promo
Reach Mobile Limited Time Offer 50% Off For Three Months Labor Day 2020 Promo
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To celebrate the upcoming Labor Day weekend holiday, Reach Mobile has launched a promo. New subscribers who use the promo code Laborday503 at signup, can now get 50% off their wireless service for their first 3-months. That means subscribers can get Reach Mobile's base plan with unlimited talk and text with 3GB of shareable data for just $17.50/month.

Reach Mobile's Labor Day 2020 50% Off Sale Details

Fortunately, this offer doesn't really have any real fine print. But there are still a few things to know about the promo and Reach Mobile before taking advantage of the deal.

The offer will be available to new customers through September 8th, 2020. Reach Mobile does offer multi-line discounts, but this promo is only good for the first line in an account.

Those considering the offer can choose from one of four available Reach Mobile phone plans. Available plans include the following:

  • First 3-months $17.50/month then $35/month - 3GB of shareable data
  • First 3-months  $22.50/month then $45/month - 5GB shareable data
  • First 3-months $30/month then $60/month - 10GB shareable data
  • First 3-months  $35/month then $70/month - 20GB shareable data

All plans except for the 20GB plan have hard-capped data limits. The 20GB plan includes unlimited data at 2G data speeds. If a customer runs out of high-speed data during a billing cycle, more can be added to their account priced at a rate of $5 for 0.5GB. All plans include unlimited talk and text and are mobile hotspot enabled.

Reach Mobile does not disclose the underlying network towers that it is using, but their website reads "we use the nation's largest and most reliable (4G LTE) network." That's phrasing common to Verizon Wireless. Reach Mobile's coverage map shown on their homepage also mirrors that of Verizon.

Reach Mobile's phone plans are on the more expensive side but they are structured a bit differently than most. They have a "Best Fit" policy. Subscribers can signup for any plan, but will only ever be billed for the plan that best fits their usage. So if a customer picks Reach Mobile's plan with 10GB of data but only uses 4GB during a billing cycle, they will be billed for the plan that includes 5GB of high-speed data instead of the 10GB data-plan they subscribed to.

The MVNO also operates a "Gigs that Give" crowdfunding charity program. Every month, Reach Mobile subscribers help bring wireless data connectivity to those in need around the world. Reach Mobile matches 10% of the value of every subscriber's data plan and donates it to Gigs that Give on their behalf. So if a subscriber's plan contains 10GB of data, Reach Mobile donates 1GB of data to the Gigs that Give program. Subscribers still get to keep their full 10GB allotment of data.

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