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Reach Mobile’s Holiday Offer Will Save You Up To $120 On Your Phone Plan

Reach Mobile's Holiday Offer Will Save You Up To $120 On Your Phone Plan
Reach Mobile's Holiday Offer Will Save You Up To $120 On Your Phone Plan
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Reach Mobile has launched a new holiday offer. Customers who purchase a phone from either Reach Mobile or unlocked from their favorite stores like Amazon or Best Buy will receive up to $120 in bill credits. The offer is available to both new and current Reach Mobile subscribers.

Reach Mobile's Holiday Offer Details

Reach Mobile is offering the bill credits spread out over the course of 24 months. The credits will be applied in $5 monthly increments. Customers are free to leave the provider at any time, but if they do so before the 24 months is up, they won't receive the full credits.

There is some other fine print to be aware of.

A maximum of two device credits is allowed per account. The offer is scheduled to be available until 12/31/20. Customers must keep their Reach Mobile plan active to receive the credits. Phones must be purchased new. Phones that are purchased used or refurbished do not qualify for the promotion. The phones purchased must also cost $299 or more AND be compatible for use on the Verizon network. The active device IMEI should match every month during the duration of the promotion. That means, you need to be using the phone you purchased to claim the promotion every month with your Reach Mobile plan.

In order to claim the credits, subscribers need to fill out a form on the Reach Mobile website. A copy of a receipt for their recent phone purchase will need to be submitted if the phone was purchased from somewhere other than Reach Mobile.

Reach Mobile Phone Plans

If you are interested in the offer you can choose from one of the following Reach Mobile phone plans.

  • The Basic Plan - $30/month, 3GB hard capped data
  • The Moderate Plan - $45/month, 8GB hard capped data
  • The People's Choice - $55/month, 12GB hard capped data
  • All-In Unlimited - $65/month, unlimited data with the first 20GB each month available at high-speeds before throttling to 2G data speeds

All plans include unlimited talk and text and mobile hotspot useage. Taxes and fees cost extra. Customers on a hard-capped data plan can top-up their allotments at a rate of $5 per additional 500MB. Multi-line discounts are available and with the exception of the $65 plan data is shared between lines. Additional lines don't get their own data. However, on the $65 plan, each line does get its own data allotment.

Reach Mobile's plans are structured a bit differently than most. The company runs what they call a Best Fit pricing policy. That means customers will automatically be billed every month based on the plan that best met their useage for that month. So for example, a customer subscribed to the $45 plan that only uses 2GB of data during a month won't have to pay $45 for their plan that month. They will only have pay $30 for the Basic plan.

Reach Mobile also operates a "Gigs that Give" charity program. Reach Mobile donates 10% of the value of its subscriber's data plans to a shared data pool to fund connectivity to recipients in need throughout the world. So if a subscriber has a plan with 3GB of mobile data, Reach Mobile will donate 0.3GB of data to that shared data charity pool.

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