Pure TalkUSA Launches Special No Contract Phone Plans For All Current and Former USA Military Members

Pure TalkUSA Military Plans
Pure TalkUSA is Now Offering Discounts to Current and Former USA Military Members


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Pure TalkUSA Military Plans
Pure TalkUSA is Now Offering Discounts to Current and Former USA Military Members

Pure TalkUSA, an ATT MVNO has recently launched some newly discounted plans aimed at current and former USA military members.

The new military plans are entitled "Serve & Save" and the MVNO has teamed up with Shop Your Way and ID.me to bring you those plans as well as a few other benefits.

Specifically the plans are available to all active Service & Dependents, National Guard, Reserve, Retirees, Veterans, ROTC scholarship cadets and USAA members.

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A breakdown of pricing and features compared to Pure TalkUSA's regular plans are listed in the table below.

 Plan Price ($)Military Discount Price ($) Talk Text MMS Data (MB)
Simple 250109250250nana
Simple 50012.9511.5500500nana
Simple 100017.9516.510001000nana
Flex109160 + rollover160nana
Unlimited Plus28.9526.95unlimitedunlimited400500
Unlimited Talk&Text34.9531.95unlimitedunlimitedunlimited1000
Unlimited Talk & Text44.9540.95unlimitedunlimitedunlimited2GB

Overall the discounted plans aren't significantly cheaper than competitors plans.

Pure TalkUSA's $26.95 plan offers 500 MB of data which is cheaper than every other ATT MVNO that includes that amount of data albeit only by a nickel.  The $31.95 plan which offers 1 GB of data is also cheaper than any other ATT MVNO that offers a similar amount of data, however, unless you really need to save, Cricket Wireless's $35 plan offers a better value as it includes 2.5 GB of data.

Shop Your Way is a free social shopping network that offers a rewards program and personalized services and advice.  Through a network of retail partners the site is able to offer members comparison shopping as well as the ability to earn points to use on future purchases.  Members are also privy to special pricing and exclusive sales.

ID.me is used to securely verify military status for all military members.  Shop Your Way also uses ID.me.


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