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Pure TalkUSA an ATT MVNO Now Offering 4G LTE

By Joe Paonessa – Jul 8, 2015
Pure TalkUSA 4G LTE
Pure TalkUSA Now Offers 4G LTE Data Speeds

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Pure TalkUSA 4G LTE
Pure TalkUSA Now Offers 4G LTE Data Speeds

Not that long ago Pure TalkUSA updated and lowered their pricing to make their plans a little more competitively priced. Their most competitive plan costs $28.95 with unlimited talk and text, 400 MMS and 500 MB of data. This makes them one of the cheapest  ATT MVNOs to offer at least 500 MB of data. Up until yesterday, Pure TalkUSA had only offered HSPA+ data speeds, but now the company has updated their service to include 4G LTE.

Hopefully this move to 4G LTE is a sign that ATT will soon allow all of its MVNOs to offer data at that speed, as some ATT MVNOs still only offer HSPA+ data speeds.

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