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Cox Mobile Pay As You Gig Phone Plan

Cox Mobile Phone Plans

Price: $15

Networks Used:Verizon
High Speed Data:1GB
Includes Unlimited 2G Data:NA
Network Type:4G LTE, 5G
Hotspot Data: NA
International Talk/Text:No / No
WiFi Calling/Texting:Yes / Yes

Warning. Without jailbreaking your iPhone, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to send or receive MMS picture messages with this plan due to the reasons outlined here.

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Price Breakdown

1 Line Monthly / Yearly$15 / $180
2 Lines Monthly / Yearly$30 / $360
3 Lines Monthly / Yearly$45 / $540
4 Lines Monthly / Yearly$60 / $720
5 Lines Monthly / Yearly$75 / $900
Price Includes All Taxes And Fees?     No

Online Payment Forms Accepted

Credit Cards

Plan Details

  • In order to subscribe to this plan you must have Cox Internet, enroll in EasyPay, and enroll in paperless billing
  • This plan does not come with a predetermined allotment of data. Cox Mobile charges subscribers by the gigabyte of data that they use at a rate of $15/GB per line. Customers that go over 5GB of data will have their data speeds slowed to 1.5Mbps download and 750Kbps upload.
  • Roaming is available but you are billed extra for it. Using over 200MB of domestic in a month may result in Cox Mobile disabling roaming for your account
  • International calling and texting may be available but you may be billed extra for it
  • Cox Mobile does not explicitly state if this plan includes mobile hotspot. However, Cox Mobile’s general terms and conditions state: “excessive use of a Device as a mobile “hotspot” tethered to other devices or other excessive data usage that is not typical of an individual consumer’s non-commercial, personal use including but not limited to automated connections that allow web broadcasts, automatic data feeds, automated machine-to-machine connections or peer-to-peer file sharing, use of Service as a substitute or back-up for private lines, landlines, or full-time or dedicated data connections, excessive and/or disproportionate data usage that contributes or has the potential of contributing to network congestion, spam or unsolicited commercial or bulk email generation, using unauthorized software or devices to maintain a continuous active Internet connection when the connection would otherwise have entered idle mode, and usage that conflicts with applicable law;”

Bring Your Own Phone Details

To use Cox Mobile on Verizon's network

If you want to use Cox Mobile's plan on the Verizon network, your phone should ideally support all of the following LTE bands: 2, 4, 5, 13, 66 . Even if your phone does support all of the bands, the phone needs to be approved by Verizon for use on the network. For 5g coverage, when available from the provider, your phone needs to support the following bands: n2 (1900MHz), n5(850MHz), n66(1700MHz/2100MHz), n77(3.7GHz), n261 (28GHz), n260 (39GHz), .

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