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NextPlus Expands and Becomes T-Mobile MVNO, Unlimited Calling and Texting Starts at $14.99 Month

Nextplus Go
Nextplus Go, New T-Mobile MVNO
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TextPlus, the company behind the free calling and texting app simply known as TextPlus, recently launched its next generation app dubbed Nextplus.  Similar to its predecessor, Nextplus allows free calling and texting to any number anywhere and it works across multiple devices, however only over wi-fi.  Nexplus users get assigned a mobile phone number at signup that can be used to augment their existing cell phone plan or to use as a stand alone service.

Today I received an anonymous tip that Nextplus is launching a new service dubbed Nextplus GO.  Nextplus GO will require a $14.99/month charge for those who desire to use Nextplus over a cellular connection.  The $14.99/month charge will also get you unlimited calling and texting to the US and Canada.  Subscribers will get a 4G LTE SIM card to use with their unlocked GSM device, although Nextplus GO will run on T-Mobile's network.  Additional data packs will be offered at the following prices:

  1. 250MB $7.99
  2. 1GB $15.99
  3. 2GB $31.98
  4. 3GB $47.97

Data is charged as a one time purchase and unused data will rollover as long as you have an active paid Nextplus Go account.

Currently the service is only available to Android users, but an iOS app will be released in the future.

Depending on how much you use your phone and your network needs, potential subscribers may find competing service TextNow to be of better value.  TextNow runs on Sprints network.

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