US Cellular
Everything You Should Know Before Subscribing


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US Cellular Cell Phone Plans

US Cellular Everything To Know Before Subscribing
US Cellular Unlimited Total Plan

Network Used: Sprint

Unlimited GB


Things To Know About US Cellular


US Cellular was founded in 1983 and is a subsidiary of Telephone Data Systems, or TDS for short.

US Cellular is a regional carrier that runs its own wireless network.  It is the 5th largest wireless network in the USA providing service in 23 states and it is a carrier partner for Google’s Project Fi.  Nationwide coverage is offered through roaming agreements with several major partner networks.

The companies cell phone plans are moderately priced, and it prides itself on offering good customer support to its subscribers.  US Cellular is regularly rated by JD Power to be a top performing network.

Where To Buy Service Plans And SIM Cards

Service plans and SIM cards must be bought directly from US Cellular or a US Cellular store.

Supported Phones And Devices

US Cellular sells all of the latest devices from the biggest manufacturer’s including Apple and Samsung.  Bring your own device is supported and you’ll likely need a phone compatible with either Sprint or Verizon to work with US Cellular.  Most universally unlocked phones from manufacturer’s such as Motorola and Samsung are compatible with the network.

Customer Support

Customer support is available in store and over the phone.  Phone hours are as follows:

7 a.m. – 10 p.m. PST

Company Highlights

US Cellular Everything To Know Before Subscribing
Year Founded: 1983
Networks Used: US Cellular
LTE Bands Used:
Support For BYOD: No
Sells Phones: Yes
All Taxes And Fees Included In Price? No

Contact Information

Phone Number: 1-888-944-9400, 1-773-399-8900

U.S. Cellular Headquarters
8410 W. Bryn Mawr
Suite 700
Chicago, IL 60631-3486

Social Media Accounts


US Cellular Unlock Policy

4G LTE phones launched by US Cellular after February 1, 2016 are sold unlocked. Phones launched prior to that may be able to be unlocked by a software update. Some older phones cannot be unlocked.

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