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DataPass In 2023: What You Need To Know

In this guide, I will explain everything you need to know about DataPass before you subscribe. I want you to learn the ins and outs of DataPass so that you can make an informed decision on if this is the best place for you to spend your hard earned cash.

DataPass At A Glance

DataPass Logo Small

Year Founded: 2018
Networks Used: Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon
LTE Bands Used: 245126671 241366 252641
5G Bands Used: n2 (1900MHz)n5(850MHz)n66(1700MHz/2100MHz)n77(3.7GHz)n261 (28GHz)n260 (39GHz) n41 (2500MHz)n71 (600MHz)n258 (24GHz)n260 (39GHz)n261 (28GHz)
Support For BYOD: Yes
Sells Phones: Yes
All Taxes And Fees Included In Price? Yes
Online Payment Options: Credit Cards, Debit Cards

Contact Information

Phone Number:

Nashville, TN

Social Media Accounts

A Summary Of DataPass Phone Plans

Last Updated: Oct 3, 2020


Things To Know About DataPass Before You Subscribe

DataPass soft launched in early 2018.  The MVNO was run by Jordan Kennedy.  In March of 2019, DataPass closed down.

Supported Phones And BYOD Devices

A small number of phones are sold directly through DataPass.  A few Motorola’s and iPhones are kept in stock.  The MVNO also supports bring your own device.  Any out of contract Verizon postpaid, Sprint postpaid, or T-Mobile postpaid compatible device will work as long their are no financial obligations on the device to your prior carrier.  Most universally unlocked phones from manufacturer’s such as Motorola and Samsung are also compatible.

Where To Buy Service Plans And SIM Cards

At launch, SIMs and service plans could only be purchased directly from the DataPass website.

DataPass Customer Service

Customer support is currently available through an online ticketing system.  Most support questions should be responded to within 24 hours.