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Metro By T-Mobile’s $40 Unlimited Plan Offer Supported By TV And Radio Ads

By Joe Paonessa – Apr 15, 2022
Metro By T-Mobile Has New TV Ads Out In Support Of $40 Unlimited Plan Offer
Metro By T-Mobile Has New TV Ads Out In Support Of $40 Unlimited Plan Offer

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Just a few days ago, BestMVNO reported that Metro by T-Mobile brought back its $40 switcher unlimited plan in dealer stores. There's also been a $40 unlimited plan offer available at Walmart for about a month. Meanwhile, Metro's website just started showing the $40 unlimited plan switcher offer. BestMVNO has now learned the $40 Metro in-store switcher plan likely launched in early March and perhaps in select markets.

Metro by T-Mobile launched a spot TV ad on March 1st that mentioned the $40 plan and this might be a good indicator of when the plan actually launched. However, the price of the plan was in small enough print that a magnifying glass may have been needed to see it. Spot TV ads are ads that air at very specific time slots during specific shows. Data from iSpot would seem to indicate that the ad has not had many airings and likely only aired in select markets. More recently, Metro has launched several new TV and radio ads that mention its $40 plan. There are TV ads that target both English and Spanish speaking audiences. I personally heard one of the radio ads for the first time just a couple of days ago.

Metro by T-Mobile "Upgrade To 5G" TV Spot Ad

Metro by T-Mobile launched a 30 second spot TV commercial around March 1st entitled "Upgrade to 5G." The ad features a family out camping with a voiceover that says "at Metro by T-Mobile, you can upgrade to 5G and get more." After a pause, the voiceover continues on by mentioning that you get "more choices" with the largest selection of free 5G phones (when you switch). The ad continues by stating you get "more savings from the most affordable unlimited plan" with a note of "vs. major national prepaid brands." As reported by BestMVNO, Metro's website uses the same language in highlighting its $40 unlimited switcher plan offer.

Metro's First Known New TV Ad To Mention "Most Affordable Unlimited Plan" Doesn't Make An Obvious Call Out To Plan's $40 Price Point
Metro's First Known New TV Ad To Mention "Most Affordable Unlimited Plan" Doesn't Make An Obvious Call Out To Plan's $40 Price Point

Strangely, the voiceover does not mention that the "most affordable unlimited plan" is only $40/month. The price isn't even shown during the ad anywhere in bold lettering leading me to believe this was a soft promo launch and meant for limited markets. You can check out the full ad below.

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Metro by T-Mobile TV Spot Ad "Movie Night

More recently, Metro has launched a TV commercial to specifically highlight its $40 plan offering. The commercial is called "Movie Night" and it appears to have launched on about 4/8/22. The ad has aired over 150 times, which is still pretty limited. The ad premiered on The Young and the Restless on CBS.

The Movie Night ad is a 15 second spot ad that again has a voiceover that immediately states "at Metro by T-Mobile you can upgrade to 5G and save more with one line of unlimited 5G for just $40." Unlike the Upgrade To 5G tv ad, the Movie Night ad showcases the $40 plan with big bold lettering. It's then mentioned that "it's the lowest price in prepaid." That tv ad can be watched below.

Metro by T-Mobile TV Spot Ad "Videollamada"

iSpot data indicates that on April 12, Metro by T-Mobile launched a tv spot ad targeting Spanish speaking audiences. The ad is basically the same as the Movie Night ad. The only differences are that it features a family party happening in the background and the voiceover that calls out the $40 plan is in Spanish. You can watch it below.

The radio ad I heard mentions the same things as the tv commercials just described. Metro states that its $40 unlimited plan is the lowest price for one line in prepaid. The ad also informs listeners that they get the largest selection of free 5G phones to choose from. Jeff Moore, Principal of Wave7 Research tells me the radio ad begin airing in early April and has had over 6,000 airings thus far. Moore added, "It is interesting that Metro is launching a major, ad-supported offer of unlimited at $40/month just as tax season is ending. T-Mobile has a history of making countercyclical moves -- 'zigging while others are zagging' -- and this seems to be just such a move."

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