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Lycamobile Double Data Promotion


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T-Mobile MVNO Lycamobile is a wireless provider that focuses on plans that offer unlimited international calling and texting to numerous countries around the world including India, China, Mexico, and Canada to name just a few.  The MVNO is also one of just a few to sell service in several countries as it has several network partners throughout the world.  Unfortunately, if you have service from the company in one country you cannot use it with the company in another, and there is no international roaming.  Still those in the USA who have a need to call and text outside the country and who want low cost service may find Lycamobile to be perfect for their needs.

Bonus Data Offer And Promotional Discount

Bonus Data

Lycamobile currently offers subscribers a choice of 9 phone plans.  Popular offerings include a $23 plan that includes unlimited talk, text and data with the first 500 MB of data at full 4G LTE speed.  Unlimited international texting and calling to over 60 countries is also included.   For a limited time this plan will come with 1 GB of high speed data, and the bonus data appears to be for the first month of service although I am trying to confirm this through a company representative.

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Lycamobile's $35 plan, which offers similar features as the $23 plan normally includes 2 GB of data, but for a limited time subscribers can get 4 GB of data for what also appears to be for the first month of service only.  This particular promotion was set to expire on January 31st, but it still appears to be a viable offering as it is still showing on the Lycamobile website.

| See a comparison of all of Lycamobile's phone plans.

Promotional Discount

Those who are looking to switch over to Lycamobile will find that they can get a discount of 20% off of their first month of service by using coupon code LYCA20.  This is a popular promotion that the company likes to run as I see it pop up from time to time.  The coupon code is good for use with all of Lycamobile's plans which means that it can be combined with the Bonus Data offering.

If you're not sure if Lycamobile is priced right for you, have a look at other providers that use T-Mobile's network to see how they compare in the market place.  If you're ready to join, head on over to the Lycamobile website now.

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