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Kroger Wireless’s New 3-Month Plan Has Pricing Similar To Mint Mobile

Kroger Wireless New 3 Month Discount Plan Seen On 10/20/21 At Dillons/Kroger In KS (Photo Via Wave7 Research)
Kroger Wireless New 3 Month Discount Plan Seen On 10/20/21 At Dillons/Kroger In KS (Photo Via Wave7 Research)
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Kroger Wireless has launched a new 3-month wireless plan. Analysts from the firm Wave7 Research recently spotted signage in Kroger stores that tout the new offering. The firm described its finding in the latest prepaid report that it sent out to its subscribers.

Kroger Wireless 3-Month Plan Details And Where To Buy

Kroger's new 3-month plan includes unlimited talk and text with 3GB of hard-capped monthly data for an average cost of $15/month. Customers must pay $45 upfront for the service. Unlike most other multi-month plan providers on the market, customers don't have the option to buy more to save more. Kroger Wireless is giving its customers best pricing from the get-go. Subscribers can renew their plan for an additional 3-months at the same $15/month average cost rate. Many other providers offer their 3-month discount plans at an introductory rate and require subscribers to renew annually to lock in that rate. But that's not the case with Kroger Wireless.

The new Kroger Wireless 3-month plan is available in Kroger and its affiliated stores and online at It may be a limited-time offering. Signage seen in stores by Wave7 Research analysts shows offer dates of 9/1/2021 to 2/28/2022 for the plan. However, Kroger Wireless online does not show the plan as a limited-time offering. Instead, it's featured atop the Kroger Wireless website with the words "introducing the 3 month plan, add the perfect plan."

Kroger Wireless is an MVNO of T-Mobile. It was launched in May of 2019, originally as a Sprint-based provider.

The Multi-Month Discount Plan Trend Continues

Kroger Wireless is the latest wireless provider in a growing number that are adding multi-month discount plan options to their portfolios. AT&T Prepaid, Red Pocket Mobile, Unreal Mobile, Mint Mobile, Black Wireless, and several others all offer them.

Back in July, BestMVNO reported that Boost Mobile was beginning to trial multi-month discount plans through a limited number of mediums, primarily through the Stack Commerce network. But that is also beginning to change with new Boost Mobile 3-month plans recently appearing online at Target.

Kroger Wireless's multi-month plan mimics Mint Mobile's offering, at least to a degree in price. Mint Mobile offers a 3-month plan with introductory pricing for new customers for $15/month. However, unlike with Kroger, customers must renew for 12-months at a time to keep the same $15/month rate once the introductory rate expires. Otherwise, Mint Mobile charges $25/month to renew the plan for 3 months at a time. The Mint Mobile plan does include more high-speed data than Kroger's. It includes 4GB instead of 3GB. And Mint Mobile includes unlimited 2G data once the high-speed allotment is consumed, Kroger Wireless does not.

Jeff Moore, Principal of Wave7 Research added: "Multi-month plans are being pushed heavily by carriers and this is a good case in point. Mint Mobile, Red Pocket Mobile, Boost Mobile, Kroger Wireless, and others are touting such plans as a good way of reducing churn."

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