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Harbor Mobile Forced To End Service As AT&T Reseller, Customers Have Until May 8th To Port Out

Joe Paonessa - May 6, 2016
A visitor sent in a tip that Harbor Mobile has informed him via text message that they will no longer be offering service on the AT&T network as an AT&T reseller.  The claim was also backed up by a post on the Harbor Mobile website. Unfortunately, subscribers will have
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Kajeet Mobile Closing Down Effective 8/23/2017

GIV Mobile and Ptel Shutting Down, Limited Time To Port Your Number Out

Joe Paonessa - Jan 21, 2016
News is circulating that long time T-Mobile MVNOs Giv Mobile and Ptel are closing down at the end of the month.  Customers of both of those providers will have until January 26th to port out. It’s a sad day to see the two sister MVNOs shut down after being in
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Solavei Closing Down

Solavei Shutting Down December 4th

Joe Paonessa - Nov 21, 2015
Solavei Shutting Down December 4th, 2015 It looks like T-Mobile MVNO Solavei could not survive after its bankruptcy filing and restructuring. The company has announced that effective 12/4/15 it will no longer be offering service and members will need to transfer their number to a new service provider. To help
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BYO Wireless Shuts Down

BYO Wireless Shuts Down, Customers Transferred to Budget or Selectel

Joe Paonessa - Sep 1, 2015
BYO Wireless is No Longer Offering Service BYO Wireless was an MVNO that had operated for years, and sold service as a T-Mobile and Verizon MVNO.  Customers tended to find value in their Verizon based plans that came in at a variety of price points fulfilling various needs. It had
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Voyager Mobile Logo

Voyager Mobile Closing Down

Joe Paonessa - Aug 9, 2015
    Customers of Voyager Mobile will need to find themselves a new service provider as the Sprint MVNO has announced that it is closing it’s doors and shutting down service effective September 9, 2015 at 11:00 PM EST. The MVNO had been in service for four years, but in
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BrightSpot Mobile

Brightspot Mobile Goes Dark, Service Shutting Down December 31st

Joe Paonessa - Jun 2, 2015
BrightSpot Mobile Going Dark on December 31st It looks like the rumors are true, T-Mobile MVNO Brightspot Mobile, is shutting down on the last day of the year December 31st, 2015. Prepaid Phone News is reporting that a text message has been sent out to current Brightspot Mobile customers informing
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Next G Mobile Says Goodbye!

Joe Paonessa - Jan 3, 2014
In case you missed it, Next G Mobile, a former Verizon MVNO, went offline and out of business as of 12/31/2013.  This is one of the problems of smaller less known MVNO’s, they don’t always last.  So if you are thinking of switching to an MVNO, it’s always best to
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