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Hello Mobile Has A New Plan With 4GB Of Data For $15

Hello Mobile Has A New Plan With 4GB Data
Hello Mobile Has A New Plan With 4GB Data
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Hello Mobile has launched a new wireless plan. The plan includes unlimited talk and text with 4GB of high-speed data at a cost of $15/month. Taxes and fees are included in the price.

Data on the plan is hard-capped. So once you consume 4GB of data during a billing cycle, your data gets shut off. There are no overage charges. Customers who do run out of data during a billing cycle can get more by adding a one-time data top-up to their account. According to an online support representative I spoke to, data top-ups are billed at a rate of $10 per additional GB.

The plan also comes with free activation and unlimited talk to over 60 countries. Mutli-line discounts are not available with this plan, and hotspot is also unavailable. Customers who signup for the plan will get their 2nd month of service free. Hello Mobile has long been offering new customers their second month free of charge.

Editor's Take On Hello Mobile's New 4GB Plan

Hello Mobile's new plan is oddly priced. It is certainly cheap and highly competitive in the MVNO marketplace. But it is oddly priced compared to one of Hello Mobile's other phone plans. Hello Mobile previously offered a plan with 2GB of hard capped high-speed data for $15/month. The price of that plan has been lowered to $14/month but it seems rather pointless to me now, at least for single lines, given the price of the newly launched plan. However, if a customer does have multiple lines the $14 plan does offer multi-line discounts. But I'm not sure those discounts are good enough to warrant someone with multiple lines to choose the 2GB plan over the 4GB plan. Those with 2-lines on the 2GB plan would pay $13.75/line, 3-lines $13.33/line, 4-lines $13.25/line, and 5-lines for $13/line.

Hello Mobile operates primarily on the Sprint network but also uses T-Mobile in select locations. Potential customers should be aware that Hello Mobile has a poor reputation for customer support and customers sometimes run into billing problems.

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