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H2O Wireless Is Now Offering Multi-Month Discounts

H2O Wireless Is Now Offering Multi-Month Recharge Discounts
H2O Wireless Is Now Offering Multi-Month Recharge Discounts
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H2O Wireless is now offering multi-month recharge discounts.  Customers who choose to recharge their plans for either 3, 6, or 12 months at a time will receive either 50% off their 3rd month of service, their 6th month of service for free, or months 11 and 12 for free.  A representative from H2O Wireless told BestMVNO that these are not multi-month plans but rather "a limited time discount offer on multi-month recharges."  Update 1/17/2020 - An H2O Wireless rep now says that the discount offerings will be made permanent and are not a limited-time promotional offering.

H2O Wireless Multi-Month Discount Offer Fine Print

For the time being, this offer is available through H2O Wireless dealers only.  It is not available direct from H2O Wireless via the company's website.  The offer was launched on 1/15/2020.  and is scheduled to be available until 4/30/2020.  It is available with all plans.

All H2O Wireless plans include unlimited talk, text, and data with the specified amount of data at high-speeds.  Unlimited international calling and texting are also included.  Pricing for each plan option is shown below.  Autopay discount pricing is shown in parenthesis.  Taxes and fees cost extra.


H2O Wireless Multi-Month Recharge Discount Pricing
Single Month$20 ($18)$30 ($27)$40 ($36)$50 ($45)$60 ($54)

* = H2O Wireless refers to the $60 plan as unlimited and is the only plan to include mobile hotspot

H2O Wireless considers high-speed data to be a maximum of 8Mbps download with video streams limited to a resolution of 480p.  Plans priced $40 and up include a $20 international calling credit while plans priced $30 and below include a $10 international calling credit.

The single month plans do come with an auto-pay discount, and that does narrow the savings a customer will get compared to paying for multiple-months of service at a time.  The table below compares the savings customers would get by enabling autopay on their accounts vs the multi-month recharge discounts.

I have listed in parenthesis the total price customers would pay over the given time frame if they just enabled autpay on their accounts and paid for service one month at a time.

Comparison Of H2O Wireless Multi-Month Recharge Discounts Vs Single Month Autopay Discounts
3-Months$50 ($54)$75 ($81)$100 ($108)$125 ($135)$150 ($162)
6-Months$100 ($108)$150 ($162)$200 ($216)$250 ($270)$300 ($324)
12-Months$200 ($216)$300 ($324)$400 ($432)$500 ($540)$600 ($648)

Whether you want to call these multi-month plans or just multi-month recharge discounts, the industry trend continues.  More and more providers are offering multi-month discount plans in an attempt to retain customers for longer periods of time.

H2O Wireless is an MVNO that uses AT&T towers to provide service to subscribers.

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