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Sprint MVNO FreedomPop Has Released New Phones, a New Plan, and a New App

By Joe Paonessa – May 22, 2014

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UPDATE: 9/9/2014 The iPhone 5 is now available for $399.

Sprint MVNO FreedomPop had a whole lot to announce today including a new mobile phone plan, new phones and a new app.  Starting with their phones, they now offer the Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4 and Victory 4G LTE no contract for $199, $329 and $119 respectively.  Their new app which is available here in the Android Play Store brings serious competition to Google Voice as it offers free calls, text and voicemail to anyone on any network, and is available to all Android users regardless of your provider.  Just like as with Google Voice, downloading and using this app will require you to get a new phone number.  iOS users had a similar app made available to them not too long ago that you can get here.  The last thing that needs to be mentioned is the new plan which they call "Unlimited Everything".  For $20 you'll get unlimited calls, text and 1GB of LTE data which gets throttled to unlimited 3G when you go over that data limit.  Tethering is also included.  With a plan like this, I have to think FreedomPop's popularity is going to skyrocket, and this plan now has to be considered one of the best prepaid cell phone plans on the market.

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