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Walmart Launches In-Store Pilot Program To Sell Refurbished iPhones, iPads, & Other Apple Devices

By Joe Paonessa – Jan 13, 2020
A Small Number Of Walmart Locations Like This Asheville North Carolina Area Store Are Testing The Sale Of goTRG Certififed Refurbished Apple Products
A Small Number Of Walmart Locations Like This Asheville North Carolina Area Store Are Testing The Sale Of goTRG Certififed Refurbished Apple Products

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Walmart is currently running a new pilot program believed to be in about 30 of its brick and mortar stores.  Stores participating in the program are selling goTRG certified refurbished Apple products.

On its website, goTRG states that it has been refurbishing electronics for over 10 years in partnership with major US retailers and manufacturers.  The company claims to have processed over 35 million devices.

Customers able to pick up a device through the program will be able to realize savings compared to buying an Apple product brand new.  It's not uncommon for people to be put off by the refurbished label, but goTRG certified refurbished products are said to undergo rigorous testing and come with a one year warranty.  Besides the one year warranty, all goTRG certified refurbished products:

  • Are thoroughly inspected and tested to be in like-new condition
  • Are compliant with the highest data-wiping standards
  • Include all original accessories
  • Have the latest software installed
  • Have Verified battery health and charging capability
  • Have been cleaned and sanitized

What Certified Refurbished Apple Devices Are Being Offered?

Customers near a Walmart participating in the pilot program will be able to pick up certified refurbished Apple iPads, iPhones, Watches and AirPods.  BestMVNO's Gilbert Lopez got a first-hand look at device pricing.  The refurbished devices are sold at the price points described below.  The differences between refurbished and brand new are highlighted, with retail brand new pricing shown in parenthesis.

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  • AirPods 1st generation - $119 (vs $159 new) and includes lightning connector and charging case

Apple Watch Pricing

  • Series 3 with WiFi and GPS 38mm - $159 ( $199 ).
  • Series 3 with WiFi and GPS 42mm - $189 ( $229 ).
  • Series 3 with WiFi + Cellular 42mm - $219 ( $329 ).

iPhone Pricing

  • iPhone 7 32GB - $298 ( $429 ).
  • iPhone 8 64GB - $369 ( $449 )
  • iPhone 8 Plus 64GB - $449 ( $549 ).
  • iPhone X 64GB - $599 ( $899 ).  Also sold refurbished direct from Apple for $599.
  • iPhone X 256GB - $699 ( $1049 ).  Also sold refurbished direct from Apple for $699.99

iPad Pricing

In some cases, the new pricing shown is from 3rd party marketplace retailers or what Apple sold the iPad for when it first came out.  Most iPads shown are no longer sold as new via major retail outlets.

  • iPad 5th generation (2017) 32GB - $159 ( $299 )
  • iPad 5th generation (2017) 128GB - $219 ( $429 )
  • iPad 6th generation (2018) 32GB - $189 ( $329.99 ).  Sold direct by Apple for $249
  • iPad 6th generation (2018) 128GB - $249 ( $429 ).  Sold direct by Apple for $329
  • iPad Pro 10.5 inch WiFi only 64GB - $359 ( $549 ).  Sold refurbished at Apple for $469

BestMVNO reached out to goTRG for commentary on its relationship with Walmart but had not received a response at press time.

BestMVNO also contacted industry analyst Jeff Moore, Principal of Wave7 Research to provide perspective on the new goTRG - Walmart partnership. 

"Walmart is a good venue for sales of used Apple products and that there is a need for more outlets for used iPhones and other Apple products. However, there needs to be a larger delta between new pricing and refurb pricing to really move the needle for goTRG,” said Moore.

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