Giv Mobile Plan Summary
GIV Mobile Drops Price of $35 Plan to $30


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Giv Mobile Plan Summary
GIV Mobile Drops Price of $35 Plan to $30

GIV Mobile, a T-Mobile MVNO run by PlatinumTel has opted to lower the price of it's $35 plan to $30.  The plan includes unlimited talk, text, and data with the first 1 GB being at 4G LTE speeds.  The plan also includes a $5 international calling credit as well as unlimited global texting.

Being owned by PlantinumTel, this plan is identical to Ptel's own recently changed $30 plan with one important difference.  GIV Mobile donates 8% of your monthly bill to a prescreened charity of your choice.  This of course means that with this plan $2.40 will get donated to charity.

With the changes to PTel and GIV Mobiles's plan pricing will any of you be making a switch?  One thing is for sure for me, I have another plan to add to the $30 or less cell phone plan table.  That's certainly a win for everybody.

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Could you kindly ask Giv when will they allow resellers to offer their SIMs via other channels like their owner Ptel does?

Thank you sir.

I don’t know if they will. Their margins are slimmer than PTel due to the charitable donations. Perhaps that’s how they make up some of the costs? I’m not even sure that would even make any business sense to not sell to wholesalers but I’ll ask.

They’ve now responded and said they do not offer SIM cards to resellers and provided no other information


Thank you much sir for the follow up.