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EarthLink 100GB Wireless Home Internet

EarthLink Wireless Home Internet

Basic Features

Networks Used:T-Mobile
Hotspot Data:100 GB
Unlimited 2G Data:N/A
Plan Duration:30 days
Price Monthly/Yearly:$69.95 / $839
Taxes And Fees Included?No
Purchase At EarthLink

Plan Details

  • 4G LTE Home internet plan
  • Download speeds between 30 – 100 Mbps
  • Upload speeds between 4 – 15 Mbps
  • Once high-speed data has limit has been reached data speeds slow to 5Mbps
  • Once 1.5 times the high-speed data limit has been consumed, data speeds slow further to 1.5Mbps
  • Once double the high-speed data limit has been consumed, data are further reduced to 768Kbps for the rest of your billing cycle
  • Additional high-speed data can be purchased billed at a rate of $14.95 for 5GB
  • There is an activation fee of $79.95
  • There is an additional fee of $14.95/mo for the router in addition to the plan’s $64.95/mo price
  • Router takes 2 business days to ship after ordering
  • A total of 12 devices can be connected to the router
  • No contract service. If you cancel service the router must be returned within 31 days or you’ll be charged $200 plus any applicable taxes
  • The service is tied to the address it starts with. It cannot be moved to a new address under the same account. To move to a new address you must contact customer support
  • Get started at the link or call 1-866-311-2093
  • Only 1 ACP discount benefit allowed per household

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