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Xfinity Mobile Deals Include Free Google Pixel 6a And $100 BYOD Credit

Xfinity Mobile Google Pixel 6a On Us Offer
Xfinity Mobile "Google Pixel 6a On Us" Offer
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Xfinity Mobile is running a few deals for new customers. Their current featured deal is for a free Google Pixel 6a. There's also a deal for BYOD customers. Customers who have their own phone to bring over to their network are eligible for a $100 Visa prepaid card.

Xfinity Mobile's "Google Pixel 6a On Us" Offer Details

In order to qualify for the free Google Pixel 6a offer you must purchase the phone on a 24-month Xfinity Mobile device payment plan agreement. The phone will then be made available for free by way of monthly device credits. If you cancel your line either voluntarily or involuntarily or you try to make advanced device payments to pay off the phone's balance early, all remaining device credits will be immediately forfeited.

To get the free phone you must also activate a new line of service AND transfer your number in from another carrier within 30 days of purchasing the phone. The offer appears to be valid with any Xfinity Mobile phone plan. Xfinity Mobile phone plans start at $15/month for a shared data plan with 1GB of high-speed data and go up to $45/month for a single line with 20GB of full-speed data before throttling. Xfinity Mobile is only available to new subscribers that also have Xfinity Internet. Customers that cancel their Xfinity Internet will pay an additional $25/month per line for their Xfinity Mobile service.

This offer is scheduled to be available at least until 11/17/22.

The Google Pixel 6a has a list price of $449.99. Shoppers that would rather buy the phone unlocked to use with any carrier can get it on sale elsewhere. Amazon, Best Buy, and other outlets currently have it discounted to $299.99.

Xfinity Mobile $100 BYOD Offer Details

In order to claim Xfinity Mobile's $100 BYOD offer you must bring your own Xfinity Mobile compatible phone over to the network. Xfinity Mobile operates as a Verizon MVNO so most Verizon compatible phones should work for this offer.

The offer requires you to transfer a phone number from another carrier over to the network within 30 days of activation. You must then keep your line active and in good standing with Xfinity Mobile for 90 days.

If you fulfill all requirements, Xfinity Mobile will mail you a Visa prepaid card 16-18 weeks after you first activated your line. The prepaid card has an expiration date of 180 days. A maximum of $1000 in prepaid cards can be claimed per customer/account.

This offer is scheduled to last at least until 12/6/22.

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