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Sam’s Club Is Offering $100 Off On Samsung Galaxy A32 and Prepaid Plan Bundle For Members

By Stephen Vicinanza – Apr 21, 2022
Sam's Club $100 Off Samsung Galaxy A32
Sam's Club $100 Off Samsung Galaxy A32

Sam’s Club is running a special to save $100 on a Samsung Galaxy A32 bundled with a service plan from select carriers until June 06, 2022. Carriers include Simple Mobile and Total Wireless

$100 Off Samsung Galaxy A32  With Airtime Card Instant Savings Deal Details

Instant savings refers to the type of Sam’s Club offer, that allows for the savings to be calculated at checkout, instantly upon payment, instead of after a required waiting period. You must be a Sam's Club member to receive this offer. For new members, a membership fee of $45 is required before instant savings can be applied. Taxes are calculated at checkout.  

You can save $100 off a Simple Mobile or Total Wireless Samsung Galaxy A32 that’s regularly priced at $289.99 when you purchase it with one of the following airtime cards.

Simple Mobile

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  • $50 Truly Unlimited Plan plus 5GB mobile hotspot, Sam’s Club price $47.98
  • $60 Truly Unlimited Plan plus 15GB mobile hotspot, Sam’s Club price $56.98

The Simple Mobile Truly Unlimited Plan includes unlimited talk, text, and data. If traffic becomes congested data speeds may be reduced. Speeds may be further reduced for customers who use more than 40GB of data during a billing cycle. The Truly Unlimited Plan from Simple Mobile has an international calling credit for $10 and $20 respectively for the $50 and $60 plans. International calls are for up to 100 destinations. International calls must originate in the US or Puerto Rico. There are unlimited international calls to 69 locations, for up to 20 unique numbers with every plan Simple Mobile offers. There is also international roaming in 16 Latin American countries.  

Total Wireless

  • $50 - one device Totally Unlimited plan, Sam’s Club price $47.98
  • $60 - two devices Unlimited plan, Sam’s Price $56.98
  • $85 - three devices Unlimited plan, Sam’s Club price $80.78
  • $100 - four devices Unlimited plan, Sam’s Club price $94.98 

The Total Wireless Unlimited Plans all include unlimited talk, text, and data. If the network becomes congested, speeds may be reduced. Customers that consume more than 60GB of data during a billing cycle may have their accounts reviewed for possible excessive use. 

The Total Wireless plans all include a 10GB mobile hotspot. All the plans include International calling to Canada and Mexico to 15 unique landline or mobile phone numbers. Calls must originate in the US or Puerto Rico. The $50 one device plan features 50GB of cloud storage. 

A better offer was available on the Samsung Galaxy A32 at Target a few weeks ago. Customers could get a $200 gift card with device purchase. That offer has unfortunately expired.

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