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Red Pocket’s Black Friday 2023 Deals: $25/Mo 30GB Annual Plan, $10 For Any Monthly Plan

Red Pocket Mobile Black Friday 2023 Deals
Red Pocket Mobile Black Friday 2023 Deals
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Red Pocket launched some of its Black Friday 2023 and holiday shopping deals a few days ago. The MVNO has discounted its annual and monthly plans. Every monthly plan the company sells is now available for $10 for the first month. Annual plan pricing has been cut by up to $60/year. Red Pocket's current top unlimited annual plan is now $300 or $25/month and comes with 30GB of data at up to 5G data speeds before throttling to 2G data speeds.

Red Pocket Mobile uses the AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon networks for coverage. However, the annual plans sold through the Red Pocket website are only available on AT&T and the monthly plans default to that network as well. Red Pocket does allow monthly plan customers to switch networks whenever they need directly from within their accounts. Switching networks does come with a disclaimer though:

"When you switch to a new network, your billing date will change, and you will be immediately charged for the new plan. Your old plan will be canceled, and you will not be refunded for unused days.

We recommend that you switch to a new plan at the end of your billing cycle so that you are only charged for the days that you use the new plan."

Red Pocket Mobile's Black Friday Annual Plan Offers

Red Pocket Mobile is offering four annual plans at a discount for a limited time during the holiday shopping season. Here is what's available:

  • $7/mo ($84 first yr) -  1GB 5G data, normal price $99, $8/mo
  • $12/mo ($144 first yr) - 5GB 5G data, normal price $180, $15/mo
  • $20/mo ($240 first yr) - 20GB 5G data, normal price $300, $25/mo
  • $30/mo ($300 first yr) - 30GB 5G data, normal price $360, $30/mo

All plans include unlimited talk, text and data with the specified amount of data available at up to 5G data speeds before throttling to 2G data speeds. The plans also include unlimited international calling and texting a,d roaming in Mexico and Canada. Red Pocket's help and support page says hotspot is included with its GSMA (AT&T) based plans.

Red Pocket's annual plans are good for 360 days of service. An end date for the offer is not specified.

Red Pocket's $10 For Any Plan Offer

Red Pocket's $10 for any plan offer is available on four plans and the price is only for the first month of service. After the first month, the plans go back to their regular rates. The four plans are as follows:

  • 1GB - reg price is also $10/month
  • 5GB - reg price is $20/month
  • 20GB - reg price is $30/month
  • 30GB - reg price is $40/month

The plans include all the same features as the annual plans described above.

Red Pocket continues to run its $300 off any iPhone offer for Black Friday with a $100 instant discount available. New and existing customers who wish to buy an iPhone from Red Pocket will get up to $300 off with the purchase of either a 5GB, or 20GB AT&T-based (GSMA) plan. Customers buying both a plan and iPhone together will receive an instant $100 discount on the price of the iPhone. An additional $200 will be given back in the form of a rebate after 3 months of autopay billing on an eligible Red Pocket service plan

eBay Deals

Red Pocket also has some deals in its eBay store with a little more network flexibility. The following annual plan offers are available exclusively through eBay.

  • 3GB - $9.99/month, $119.99 due up front, valid on T-Mobile (GSMT) and Verizon (CDMA) networks
  • 5GB - $9.99/month, $119.99 due up front, valid on AT&T (GSMA) network
  • 8GB - $15.83/month, $189.99 due up front, valid on T-Mobile and Verizon networks
  • 10GB - $15.83/month, $189.99 due up front, valid on AT&T network

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