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Cricket Wireless Service Just Got Easier To Activate

Cricket Wireless Announces Breeze-Thru Easy Activation Process
Cricket Wireless Announces Breeze-Thru Easy Activation Process
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Cricket Wireless announced today an easier way for new customers to activate service. The company claims that those making the switch can now be activated on their network within minutes.

The new and simplified process is designed to get users activated directly through their phone without the need of a phone call to customer service, visit to a Cricket Wireless store, or use of a personal computer.  Cricket Wireless has named the new setup process "Breeze-Thru."

Breeze-Thru walks new users through the setup and activation process in just a few steps all on the customers smartphone.

Cricket Breeze-Thru Requirements

To use the service, customers simply need to insert their Cricket Wireless SIM card into their smartphone and power on the device.  Once powered up, they'll be greeted with a text message containing a link to the "easy setup process."

To get the Breeze-Thru service to work, a universal SIM card kit and GSM-compatible unlocked smartphone are required . Cricket has partnered with national retail outlets including Amazon, Target and Walmart to provide potential customers with an easy way to meet those requirements.

For those planning on porting their phone number over to Cricket Wireless, the company suggests that customers have a copy of their current wireless bill on hand while using the Breeze-Thru setup.  In order for a customer to pay for their first month of service, a debit, credit, Cricket refill card, or service payment card are also necessary to have on hand.

Editor's Take

There is no doubt that many will appreciate this new setup process.  After all, the world has become a mobile oriented place.  As for myself, I would probably prefer to use the online setup process on a personal computer.  I still find typing and filling out forms to be a little bit easier and faster on a computer, plus my  password manager works a little bit better on the desktop.

About Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless is an MVNO that operates on the ATT network. The company is actually owned by ATT.  Plans and prices start at just $25/month for unlimited talk and text. Cricket Wireless's $35/month plan (with auto pay billing enabled) is one of the best values around in wireless on the AT&T network.

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