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ATT owned AIO Wireless Lowers Rates


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Recently, to go along with price cuts by ATT to their family share plans, prepaid MVNO provider AIO decided to also get in on the fun.  Their basic plan now includes 2x the data as previously alloted, 500MB of LTE for $40.  It's worth noting, that for $5 more one could signup for Net10 or Straight talk and get 2.5GB of 4g LTE data through ATT with throttling going above that data amount.  You'd also get unlimited talk and text.  However, if you signup for autopay with AIO they will knock $5 off your monthly bill, so that's not a bad deal for someone who doesn't have big demands for data.  All of their plans also include unlimited talk and text and data with throttling.   For more on this check out our source

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