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Consumer Cellular Closing In On $1 Billion In Annual Revenue, Adds Target As Customer Service Center

By Joe Paonessa – Jun 6, 2017
Consumer Cellular Approaching One Billion In Annual Revenue

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Consumer Cellular has announced that it recently signed up its 2 millionth customer, which is more than double the amount it had signed up 3 years ago according to an article in The Bulletin.  The company has not stated if that is how many active subscribers it currently has, or just the amount of customers that have recently signed up.  Judging by its past, it stands to reason that the company just added its 2 millionth active subscriber.  In 2014 Consumer Cellular added nearly a million subscribers giving it a total of 1.7 million at years end.

For 2018 Consumer Cellular has set for itself some lofty expectations as the company is striving to reach $1 billion in annual revenues according to its CEO John Marick.  That would be double the amount of revenue that Consumer Cellular generated 4 years back in 2014. The company in part plans to reach this goal by expanding upon the relationships that it has with both T-Mobile and Target.

The company has stated that it has reached an agreement with T-Mobile to form an MVNO partnership just like the one it has maintained with AT&T.  Consumer Cellular had been testing out T-Mobile's network for a couple of years now prior to this announcement.


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The companies CFO, Greg Pryor had this to say about the MVNO partnership:

T-Mobile’s put a lot of money into their network the past three years, several billion dollars.  So they’ve really improved their coverage.  We’re not seeing a big difference between T-Mobile and AT&T

Furthermore, CEO John Marick had this to add:

Plus, having a second network agreement is insurance in case the business relationship with one comes to an end

Additionally, Consumer Cellular has partnered with Target such that Target will now act as a service center for Consumer Cellular products.  Customers who have service issues with their phones that can't be resolved through Consumer Cellular's customer service call center, will be scheduled for a visit to their nearest Target.

Consumer Cellular and Target first established their relationship in 2014, when Target began selling Consumer Cellular phones.   The company still maintains a relationship with Sears.

About Consumer Cellular

Consumer Cellular sells phone plans geared towards seniors.  Plans start at $10/month for bill per use service and $15/month for an allotment of 250 minutes.  Discounts are provided to those who are AARP members.  The company consistently ranks at the top in customer support satisfaction according to various publications and is known to giveaway millions annually to various charities.

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