Boost Mobile is Doubling Your Data and Giving $5 off


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That didn't take long for the trickle down effect to occur.  To go along with Sprint's recent announcement that they were "doubling the data," Sprint MVNO Boost Mobile is running a similar promotion for new customers that starts September 3rd and continues through November 3rd.  The promotion involves doubling your data and will knock $5 off of your bill.  As long as long as your account is kept in good standing, these rates will continue after the promotional period ends. With the promotional discount, plans will go for $35 and include 1 GB data, $45 for 5 GB, and $55 for 10 GB of LTE data.  All plans include unlimited talk, text, and data, but data is throttled once the previously mentioned thresholds are reached.

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This isn't the only promotion Boost Mobile is running.  They are also offering $50 off select smartphones such as the ones below which they state is essentially giving you one month of free service.  Of course, a quick look around the internet, and you'll see this isn't much of a deal, considering that Amazon is already selling many of these phones for $50 less than through the Boost website.

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