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Boost Infinite’s Postpaid Beta Is Live For All, Get 30GB For $25

Boost Infinite Formally Launches Beta
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DISH formally unveiled its Boost Infinite postpaid brand today. The service is available as a limited-time only exclusive beta open to anyone interested in trying it out. However, spots in the beta program are limited. If you have an iPhone you can sign up and get activated instantly with eSIM through the Boost Infinite iOS app. Android users will have to wait for eSIM to become available at a later date in the Android app.

Boost Infinite is priced at $25/month and includes unlimited talk and text with 30GB of high-speed data before throttling. Taxes and fees cost extra.

Customers Will Be Able To Use Three Different Networks

For the time being, service will be provided on the AT&T and T-Mobile networks. Customers will be put on one network or the other but won't be able to use both. Boost Infinite is scheduled to make its full commercial launch by March of 2023, and will then include access to DISH's native 5G network. With the commercial launch and a DISH Network compatible phone, customers will have access to all three networks, AT&T, T-Mobile, and DISH, and be able to seamlessly transition between them. The use of three networks on a single plan should provide excellent coverage to Boost Infinite users and help to differentiate the brand from other providers.

Boost Infinite has stated that those who signup for the $25/month plan will keep that price forever as long as they choose to stay with the brand.

International Features, Hotspot, And Unlimited 3G Data Are Included

Besides unlimited talk and text, the plan also includes some international features. Unlimited calling to over 80 countries and unlimited texting to over 200 countries are included. Subscribers will also be able to roam while using their devices in either Canada or Mexico. Roaming in either country includes 1GB of data with calling and texting. Data roaming is provided at 2G/3G data speeds.

The Boost Infinite plan also allows for mobile hotspot use. However, it is not clear by the Boost Infinite website if there's a limit as to how much hotspot data can be used during a billing cycle or if the hotspot data is separate from the plan's 30GB data allotment before throttling takes place. However, an online chat support specialist told BestMVNO that 5GB of hotspot data is included and that the hotspot data is separate from the plan's 30GB data allotment before throttling.

The Boost Infinite website also does not mention what data speeds are slowed to after 30GB gets consumed. However, the online chat support specialist said that data speeds will be reduced to 3G after the threshold is reached. Boost Mobile also offers 3G data speeds on its unlimited plans. Boost Mobile defines 3G as 512Kbps, so it should be the same with Boost Infinite.

At launch, Boost Infinite is available online only. However, Jeremy McCarty, head of Boost Infinite, told Stetson Doggett of BestPhonePlans in an interview which you can watch below, that you will be able to find Boost Infinite at national retail later in 2023.

Right now, beta testers of Boost Infinite can either bring their own phone over to the network or purchase one directly from the carrier. A total of 16 phones are available for purchase, with 9 of them being Apple iPhones. Other phone options include offerings from Samsung and Motorola. The cheapest phone available is the $209.99 Motorola Moto G 5G.

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