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Joe Paonessa

Joe Paonessa
Joe Paonessa is the founder of He started BestMVNO in 2013, because like many of you, he was unhappy with the high price he was paying his wireless provider for cell phone service. After researching how to cut costs on his phone bill, he came across the terms MVNO and prepaid wireless, and learned there was a way he could keep using his favorite network without having to pay a premium price for it.

Through, Joe shares his research and experiences with MVNOs and prepaid wireless providers, helping others learn how to save money on their phone bills. Joe's current providers are T-Mobile Prepaid and MobileX. When he's not working on BestMVNO, you may find Joe playing pickleball or going out for a run. For inquiries use the contact button.

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Boost Mobile $10/Month 3-Month Unlimited Plan Offer

Boost Mobile’s Secret $10/Mo 3-Month Trial Unlimited Plan Is Still Kicking

Joe Paonessa - Apr 20, 2024
Boost Mobile continues to run a secret new customer trial offer. The promo will give customers an unlimited plan with 35GB of monthly high-speed data for $10/month. An upfront payment of $30 is required at sign-up. The plan duration is 90 days. I’m calling it a secret offer because it’s
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Consumer Cellular On Display At A Target Store

Consumer Cellular Announces 2nd Month Free, Signs Fred Couples & 3 Other Golf Legends To Marketing Deals

Joe Paonessa - Apr 19, 2024
Consumer Cellular has relaunched a second-month free promotion, as noted in the latest edition of Wave7 Research’s prepaid report. BestMVNO reported the same type of offer running last July. Switchers that subscribe to Consumer Cellular by May 31, will get their second month of service free. The MVNO is running
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Multi-Carrier Wireless Dealer Store (Pic via Wave7 Research)

Streak Snapped! Ultra Mobile Wins Wave7 Research Prepaid Dealer Survey

Joe Paonessa - Apr 19, 2024
For the first time since its inception, the Wave7 Research quarterly prepaid dealer survey has a new winner. Ultra Mobile won the 1Q24 survey, breaking Simple Mobile’s record of 36 consecutive wins since the survey’s debut in 1Q15. Ultra Mobile was found in 19 of 30 dealers surveyed up from
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Visible by Verizon Introduces Annual Discount Plans

Visible by Verizon Introduces Annual Phone Plan Discount Options

Joe Paonessa - Apr 15, 2024
Several outlets, including Android Authority and 9to5Google, are reporting that Visible by Verizon is releasing annual phone plan options for its Visible and Visible+ plans. The base Visible plan will be discounted to $275 annually or an average cost of $22.92/month down from its base rate of $25/month. That saves
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FreedomPop Has Hired Julius 'Dr. J.' Erving as Company Spokesperson

FreedomPop Hires NBA Legend Julius Erving As Spokesperson, Featured In TV Ads

Joe Paonessa - Mar 19, 2024
FreedomPop has hired NBA Hall of Famer Julius Erving, better known as “Dr. J,” to be their new company spokesperson, as noted in Wave7 Research’s latest prepaid report filing. This move marks a significant shift in the marketing strategy for FreedomPop. Erving just recently celebrated his 74th birthday. Targeting A
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Tello Mobile Has Launched Its First Two TV Ads

Tello Mobile Has Launched Its First TV Ad Campaign

Joe Paonessa - Mar 15, 2024
Tello Mobile has launched its first TV ad campaign, BestMVNO has learned. A total of two ads were launched in February. It is not clear how many times either ad has aired, but according to iSpot, the ads launched two days apart. One ad, titled “Set Your Mobile Free” began
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Boost Mobile iPhone 15

Boost Stores To Activate All Boost 5G Network Capable Phones With Rainbow SIMs, Offering $399 iPhone 15

Joe Paonessa - Mar 13, 2024
BestMVNO has learned that Boost stores will soon begin activating all Boost 5G Network-capable phones with Rainbow SIMs. This applies to all markets, even those where the Boost 5G network hasn’t been built or activated yet. Edit: 03/14/24 – BestMVNO has been tipped that this will only happen on plans
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Boost Infinite Offering Third Line Free For A Year

Boost Infinite Releases 3rd Line Free For A Year Deal, But Is It Actually Good For Their Business?

Joe Paonessa - Mar 12, 2024
Boost Infinite has a new offer out. It gives subscribers who buy two lines their third line for free. It is available on the $25/month plan so you can get three lines on that plan for just $50/month with taxes and fees costing extra. The offer is for new customers.
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Google Fi Wireless On Display At Best Buy

Google Fi Increases Price Of Simply Unlimited For 3+ Lines By Up To $25/Month

Joe Paonessa - Mar 6, 2024
Google Fi has increased the price of its Simply Unlimited plan for customers that have 3 or more lines. Customers with three lines will now pay $90/month, while four-line customers will pay $100/month. Taxes and fees cost extra. All new Google Fi subscribers will be immediately subjected to these rates.
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Mint Mobile Once Again Offering Any 3-Month Plan For $15/Month

Mint Mobile Brings Back $15/Month For Any Plan, Includes 40GB Plan

Joe Paonessa - Mar 5, 2024
Mint Mobile is once again offering new customers any 3-month plan for $15/month. This was also Mint Mobile’s January 2024 offer. The same promo ran in June 2022, and again in June 2023. I fully expect Mint Mobile to unleash a new set of TV ads promoting this offer or
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Metro by T-Mobile Now Offering Free Phone Deals Online To Switchers

Metro by T-Mobile Now Allowing Free Phone Deals Online With Number Port

Joe Paonessa - Mar 1, 2024
Metro by T-Mobile is now offering free phones to customers who port their numbers online. Previously, the provider only offered free phone deals in stores for customers porting their numbers, while online shoppers could only get free phones if they obtained a new number. It’s not clear if this will
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Boost Mobile Half Off Annual Plan 35GB - $12.50/Month

Expiring Soon! Boost Mobile Annual Plan, 35GB, $12.50/Month!

Joe Paonessa - Feb 24, 2024
Boost Mobile has launched a very limited time promotion. New customers can get an annual plan with 35GB of monthly high-speed data for just $12.50/month. The total upfront cost is $150 with free two day shipping and a free SIM kit. Taxes and fees appear to be at a minimum
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Tello Mobile Introduces Data Top-Ups

Tello Mobile Officially Launches Data Top-Ups & Purchases By SMS

Joe Paonessa - Feb 21, 2024
Tello Mobile announced today they have officially launched data top-ups. Subscribers who exhaust their high-speed data during their billing cycles can now add an additional 1GB of high-speed data to their plans for $5. Data top-ups can be added to any Tello plan that includes high-speed data, but not to
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Simple Mobile Dealer

Simple Mobile Wins 4Q23 Wave7 Research Prepaid Dealer Survey, Verizon Prepaid A Strong No. 2

Joe Paonessa - Feb 21, 2024
Simple Mobile has won the Wave7 Research quarterly multi-carrier prepaid dealer survey that was conducted in 4Q23. That’s the 36th straight quarterly win for the brand, and it has won every survey ever conducted by Wave7 Research. Simple Mobile was carried by 23 out of 30 dealers surveyed, just like
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Consumer Cellular Branded Store

Consumer Cellular Offers $5/Mo Off Any Plan For 12 Months, With TV Ad Support

Joe Paonessa - Feb 20, 2024
Consumer Cellular has launched a new promotion as detailed in a recently filed prepaid report by the firm Wave7 Research. New customers can receive a $5/month discount for their first 12 months of service by using the promo code FIRSTYEAR15 during sign-up. This discount is applied as a monthly bill
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