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Optimum Mobile Deal Will Get You 1GB For $5/Month

Optimum Mobile 12 Months At $5/Month Promo
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Optimum Mobile has launched a new wireless deal. The deal gives subscribers 12 months of wireless service with 1GB of monthly high-speed data for just $5/month. It's for new lines only and it comes with a small amount of fine print.

Optimum Mobile's $5/Month Plan Offer Details And Fine Print

The plan that Optimum Mobile is selling for $5/month is normally priced at $19/mo per line or $14/month for customers that are also subscribed to either Optimum or Suddenlink Internet. After the 12-month discounted rate is up, subscribers will automatically be billed at the plan's regular rate and that will vary based on if customers are also Optimum or Suddenlink Internet subscribers or not.

The plan comes with unlimited talk, text, and data. Data speeds are reduced to 2G for the remainder of a monthly billing cycle once 1GB has been consumed. High-speed data top-ups are available and priced at a rate of $6/GB. Video streams are limited to a resolution of about 480p. The plan also allows for hotspot usage, but hotspot data speeds are limited to 600Kbps.

A maximum of 5 lines on an account can claim this offer matching the number of lines you can have with Optimum Mobile. The offer is only available to persons living in areas serviced by either Optimum Internet or Suddenlink. There is a $20 activation fee to pay for new lines on top of the $5/month plan rate. There is no end date for the offer scheduled.

Optimum Mobile is an MVNO of T-Mobile.

This new offer from Optimum Mobile is actually a downgrade from a promotion the provider ran from early March through early June of 2022. The earlier promotion gave new lines 12 months of free wireless service with 1GB of monthly high-speed data.

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